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Sites to Promote Your Videos

It’s always better to display your product, service or something else as a video stream rather than a text description. Best video description effectively reaches your target audience. Nowadays online video sharing and promotions plays a vital role in Internet Marketing. The best thing is that you don’t need to invest much in these strategies. All you want to do is to create an effective video that must describe your product or service well than any other.

OK once you have created a video, you need to promote those. Where you can promote those videos? There are many video sharing sites available to do that. It allows you to upload your video for free or with some pay and unveil it among millions of online users. And it let the users to share, express their views on your video.

Here I am going to list top 5 sites that is best suitable for video sharing and promotion,



As you all know YouTube is the best video-sharing site on the web. You can register free with your real name or with your brand name. It allows the registered users to create the channels and upload their video streams that should be less than 100 MB. It let the users, comment and get subscribed to your channels.

The best part is that you can rearrange your video streams according to their views in your respective channel. It let the user to add a title, description, keywords as tags for video streams which is similar to “All in SEO pack” plug-in in wordpress. The important strategy in marketing point of view is that you can add “annotation” in your video where you are granted to insert your text or link anywhere in the video.



Vimeo offers two type of pack for the users,

  • Basic (Free) – For the casual creator
  • Plus (Pay) – For creators who need the best

“Plus” pack has certain additional features and advantages than the free pack. Here you can upload only videos that you create. It should not be a commercial or any type of advertisement. As in you tube it offer the users to provide the title, description and tag for the video.

The best thing in Vimeo is that you can create a group and add videos to your group. This helps you to reach your niche audience.



Similar to YouTube it allows the users to upload and share your videos with millions of users worldwide. Allows adding a video to your favorites list, sharing common interests with the groups feature, personalizing your viewing experience using Playlists, and following your favorite users by subscribing.

The best part about Dailymotion is that it provides the better platform for one who likes to expose their official videos like record labels, film studios, news media, television channels, sports associations, political parties etc by providing them with special account called as MotionMaker. The MotionMaker gets the following advantages,

The MotionMaker can,

  • Upload videos of unlimited length
  • Upload HD video content
  • Get his/her video as a featured one
  • Get more visibility


Metacafe is the community based video sharing web site that is similar to other video websites but with some differences. It is best suited for the video producers who are paid for their original content. It rewards $5 for every 1000 views as a “Producer Rewards”.

The best thing about Metacafe is that it allows the viewers to edit the video details such as title, tags and description to get the video in accurate search results.

In addition it sets the Video Rank rating for the videos based upon their views. According to wikipedia, any video that is viewed a minimum of 20,000 times, has achieved a Video Rank rating of 3.00 or higher.



Viddler is the best site to undergo onsite promotion. Non commercial users can get free services. Advertisements are overlaid on free user videos. And if your video is for business purpose then paid service is recommendable. It offers huge service for paid services. The featured users can get a detailed analytics, create a community, iTunes support, customizable player, HD encoding etc. Like You Tube you can add a text or link anywhere in the video.

Above I have listed the sites that are best suited for both non commercial and commercial purpose. Please feel free to point out the sites that I have missed out here.

Disclaimer: The post is completely based on individual thoughts and SEO Services Group bears no responsibilities for the thoughts reflected in the post.

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