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Tips to Write Social Media Press Release

The social media press release is widely used to deliver messages directly to the people through social networking sites. Social media press releases provides information to the people in a clear and concise manner just like a traditional press release. The difference is that social media press release uses links, social networking tools, search engine optimization and hyperlinks to boost up the press release message.

Here are the few tips to write press release for socila media.

  • Use Attractive Headline and Sub Heading it helps to grasp people attention.
  • Use bullet points and Numbering it makes the viewers to understand the points easily.
  • Use SEO tactis for certain keywords so the press release moves up in search engine.
  • Use links within your text to direct people to your site and to articles about your site.
  • Use multimedia links like audio files or embedded videos.
  • Use “Share with” plugin for popular bookmarking sites like Digg or Del.icio.us
  • Use additional inforamtions like logo,maps,charts and photos of your product,events,website location and contact numbers.

It is a relatively new thing that people work out on how to use social media press release . Social Media Press Releases do not replace traditional releases but they complement them. The social media activities and campaigns works well in improving PR initiatives. On Integrating Social Media and Press Release provides a more powerful communicat ion program which helps to satisfy the customer needs.

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