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Why digital signage is an important effective marketing tip

Effective marketing requires an array of skills and knowledge. To effectively position your brand in the market, you need to up your game and that of your team members. Competition is real and you cannot afford to compromise on marketing.

You need to ensure that your team has the knowledge of the products offered by your entity. This alone gives you an edge. If they are not highly conversant, then you can train them again on the product to be marketed.

The following skills can get you started:

>>> Communication, negotiation and networking

Good marketers have mastered the art of communication and are also efficient business operators. With effective communication skills, your team can easily make deals with suppliers and service providers, build and maintain working relationships with your customers and build useful networks in the market.

Again, you have to ensure you communicate effectively with your marketing team. For example, you need to set marketing goals as a team and ensure every one works towards the realization of the target goals.

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Why SEO Campaigns Need To Be Evaluated By Their Conversion Efficiency

Undoubtedly a successful website is one that is able to drive traffic towards itself. However, one does come across numerous instances of sites that attract a lot of traffic but do not have conversions to match. When we say “conversion”, it does not necessarily have to be sales resulting in the generation of revenue but also includes the successful outcome of the intention of the CTA that could range from an email newsletter subscription signup to a request for a demo or just about any other action desired from a visitor to the site.

Visitor Flow Tracking Is Vital

Visitor flow is the way a visitor visits different pages on a website and the sequence they follow. The tracking of this flow is important because it can give you a general view of how the visitor is processing information on the website and where the site provides stopping points. This sort of an insight is crucial because you will be able to discover the points at which there are bottlenecks or halting points and how to connect them so that more conversions take place.

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A Step-By-Step SEO Guide To Improve Your Search Engine Ranking (Infographic)

While search engine optimization is the easiest way through which you can improve your site’s ranking and traffic, it does require a lot of work. Apart from content and link building strategy, you also need to focus on optimizing images, URL structure, check cross-browser compatibility etc, and thus implementing the best SEO practices, one that’ll help to make your site SEO friendly is very important.

However, are you aware of all the important SEO factors that can help to influence your search engine ranking? Or Do you know which key factors you need to focus on?

No idea?

Well, here’s a step-by-step guide that can help to kick-start your SEO campaign.

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Look at the Online Lead Generation Ecosystem (Infographic)

A lead generation campaign is like a car engine, where if all of the components are working together effectively, you should have positive sales and leads results. However, if one part isn’t properly functioning, that one part — no matter how small it is — can cause your campaign to break down.

That’s why we at Straight North, a Baltimore SEO company, created the “Internet Marketing Lead Generation Ecosystem” infographic to show beginner, intermediate and advanced marketers how to leverage multiple online marketing channels to maximize sales and leads in one Internet marketing campaign. The infographic works as a blueprint to help:

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Five Effective Points In Achieving Victory On Brand Reputation Management

image 1
With its indubitable popularity, BRM (Brand Reputation Management) has been practiced for quite a long time now.
Most major organizations have this serious concern about their reputation and today, small businesses are now slowly adapting this movement. Back then, it is called PR and word of mouth marketing.
However, with the advent of user-generated feedback through social site and review networks, the arena for BRM has changed fundamentally since then.

Now that the world have immersed into the digital era, launching and developing an excellent website with brilliant content is no longer enough to obtain a successful online presence without thinking about BRM.
With the upsurge of social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, enterprises and professionals alike need to be able to manage their presence nearly for 24/7.
Whilst these fresh paths of communication have open a myriad of new doors for marketers, they also need a whole new list of responsibilities that must be continually monitored to enable a more maintained brand reputation and an increase online influence. Read more

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