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How Digital Marketing has improved “Customer Experience” at different levels of PLC (Product Life Cycle)

Digital marketing has totally revolutionized the way the customer interacts with a product. So far various institutions depended on the traditional ways to develop a personal relationship with the customer. But the scenario is changing fast, age-old channels are becoming obsolete and modern techniques are taking their place. Meetings and conversations are conducted in a different way and if companies do not adopt these practices, it will be very hard for them to stay in the game.

Understanding Product Life Cycle
A product goes through many stages, right from the moment it is launched till it is discontinued. The various stages are described by Product Life Cycle. This strategy tool helps the companies in developing new products and refining the existing ones.  Introduction, growth, maturity and decline are the four main stages of this cycle, but the last part can be averted by revamping certain product elements. Different products go through the cycle in different ways, some move extremely fast while others perish soon after introduction.
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Internet Marketing Trend That Will Dominate In 2016

Brands and marketers always are looking out for innovative ways to boost their online presence, the main reason why creative digital marketing strategies are such a hot property among marketers and business owners. However, keeping up with the ever-evolving online marketing industry means putting more efforts than what is actually required in order to stay ahead of the curve. The best way to do this is by staying updated with the emerging trends in order to keep the marketing campaigns successful and your brand in the minds of your targeted prospects.

internet marketing
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Why hire PPC Management Experts

The competition is always stiff between SEO and PPC for generating traffic to a website.  Google keeps changing algorithms to ensure that websites are of good quality and companies have to work with moving goal posts to get the traffic needed.
Five good reasons to hire a PPC Expert
1. Keyword research: Keywords are absolutely vital to success and PPC management experts can spend the time to do it, right from the start and throughout the process. Picking the wrong keywords can put a huge dent in your budget will little to show in returns! Free keyword tools are available from different search engines but the really good ones have to be paid for.  Paid tools offer a competitive advantage and PPC experts know how to use these and a multitude of data points to get a good picture.

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5 Actionable adwords tips for PPC managers

Building a good PPC campaign requires a lot of work. Companies and managers should work towards building a solid account structurally; understand how effective their navigation tools work and using existing data on performance to improve performance and reporting.

A successful PPC manager knows that a good website launch is only the first step. There are ways to improve results by creating a successful ad and marketing campaign. Here are a few ways to do this.

adwords tips

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6 Common SEO Mistakes You Should Always Avoid

Blogging is simple. SEO? Not quite.

See, what you’re doing every time you post a blog is compete with every other blogger out there for that top result on the search engine result pages. Hence naturally, for each article you write there are thousands with similar keywords, etc. who win the game of Search Engine Optimization with a little understanding and smart thinking.

The main purpose of SEO is to increase website traffic, but most of the people don’t do it properly. People learn from their mistakes. We would like you to learn from them even if you’re a beginner and haven’t made any errors yet.

Common SEO Mistakes

Common SEO Mistakes

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