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Look at the Online Lead Generation Ecosystem (Infographic)

A lead generation campaign is like a car engine, where if all of the components are working together effectively, you should have positive sales and leads results. However, if one part isn’t properly functioning, that one part — no matter how small it is — can cause your campaign to break down.

That’s why we at Straight North, a Baltimore SEO company, created the “Internet Marketing Lead Generation Ecosystem” infographic to show beginner, intermediate and advanced marketers how to leverage multiple online marketing channels to maximize sales and leads in one Internet marketing campaign. The infographic works as a blueprint to help:

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Five Effective Points In Achieving Victory On Brand Reputation Management

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With its indubitable popularity, BRM (Brand Reputation Management) has been practiced for quite a long time now.
Most major organizations have this serious concern about their reputation and today, small businesses are now slowly adapting this movement. Back then, it is called PR and word of mouth marketing.
However, with the advent of user-generated feedback through social site and review networks, the arena for BRM has changed fundamentally since then.

Now that the world have immersed into the digital era, launching and developing an excellent website with brilliant content is no longer enough to obtain a successful online presence without thinking about BRM.
With the upsurge of social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, enterprises and professionals alike need to be able to manage their presence nearly for 24/7.
Whilst these fresh paths of communication have open a myriad of new doors for marketers, they also need a whole new list of responsibilities that must be continually monitored to enable a more maintained brand reputation and an increase online influence. Read more

Ensure that you get the most out of cost-efficient online advertising

Online marketing consists of promoting popular posts, getting more likes to your page, get more visitors to your website, promote videos, get more people to install app on either mobile or computer, offer incentives and devise ways to increase the use of app by users, create campaigns such as contests and give out offers so that more people buy and even get more people to attend your events. Today, social media advertising is a decisive factor in the success of a business. At the same time, you should know how you as a business can be able to make most out the cheap online marketing campaigns.


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Your Social Media Agency Is Deficient Without These 8 Nutrients (Tools)

Managing multiple social media accounts, engaged in updating and seeking to reach the target every now and then – This routine is not just for a day but this goes on and on. So having a few handy tools which just helps you to meet your targets and make this activity even easier.

Wait! Confused about what are we talking? The social media agency it is. Get to know about some essential nutrients for your social media agency that keeps it going.

Okay this is cool to have managing tools for your agency. Immediate question pricks from beneath of your heart and brain which tools? So here we are sorting you out for your queries. The essentials nutrients for your social media agency!


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Create Call to Action Buttons That Convert

We often try new marketing tactics and implement things on our online store to increase visitors and sales but have you ever given importance to call to action buttons? Well these small buttons on your website is very important to get the goal accomplished. A successful ecommerce website is not necessarily a website that attracts lots of visitors but it generates sales and it has the potential to convert the visitors. Call to action buttons plays a major role in conversions. They lead your visitors towards the checkout path. And if designed and placed well, they can really improve the overall sales. We have seen lots of website with easy navigation, mobile friendly layout and fast processing speed but often they lack in this department. Many online stores don’t give attention to the text, design and shape of call to action buttons.

If you really want to improve the sales, you need to think about all the possible opportunities and things that can convert your visitor into customer. This infographic, created by KOL Limited, revolves around some of the important tips to create call to action buttons that convert.
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