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11 Instagram Marketing Strategies Every Brand Needs To Know

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is the ultimate platform for you to share your day with. You can upload thousands of pictures and videos on Instagram and let people know about your daily routine. But if you think Instagram is only about uploading visuals, you’re wrong because Instagram is also a great place for marketing and publicity. Through Instagram, many youngsters have been making money and promoting their campaigns, etc. As a marketer, there are a few strategies that you need to know for your page to get more followers and so that you can learn more about marketing.

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Your google rankings dropped? Read this!

You used to have awesome rankings for your site, it showed up wherever in the web search tools, and you were accepting heaps of activity that was creating messages, telephone calls, leads, and deals. At that point something happened, you’re not exactly beyond any doubt what, and the leads and deals became scarce. You check your analytics reports and see a sudden and particular misfortune in movement. Presently you’re frightened. You check your rankings, and they’ve gone down or vanished completely. Now you’re not quite recently frightened, you’re panicked. How could this have happened? All the more vitally, what should be possible to settle the issue and get the leads and deals streaming once again?


Rankings can fall for various reasons. Sometimes it’s due to a mistake that could have been prevented. It might have less to do with what you’re doing than what your competition is doing. In other cases, a drop in rankings is the natural and temporary result of an intentional action on your part.

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The Ultimate Guide: How to Start Your SEO Business



The most fundamental question for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – how to start it? If only the answers are as easy as the question itself, things would be easier.

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How to Skyrocket Attendance at Your Next Trade Show

Trade shows can be huge opportunities for businesses to earn new customers while also interacting with their peers and influencers. The biggest problem is that these shows are massive and competition is fierce. You don’t want your booth to be the odd one out, so how do you bring more people to your brand?

Business Brainstorming Colleagues Corporate Concept

Business Brainstorming Colleagues Corporate Concept

Today I’m going to show you five epic strategies you can use before, during, and after your trade show to maximize attendance and potential leads for your company.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Advanced Search Operators

First things first, let us tell you that Google simply dominates the search engine industry with a staggering market share of 78 percent. This is precisely the reason why webmasters can’t stop looking beyond Google, despite the search engine giant giving them an increasingly hard time ranking their sites for their desired keywords.

However, that’s only if you have been trying to fight Google at its own game. In other words, Google’s algorithm getting better at fighting spam is probably only worrying for you if you’re into shady or black hat stuff.

If you’re willing to put in the time and effort to rank the right way, however, you’re probably in a better position to rank today than you were a few years back. With that being said, stick around as we walk you through advanced search operators that help you discover great, natural link building opportunities.

Advanced Search Operators

Allinanchor: This search operator would return results that are linking out to a site using a particular anchor text. For example, if you search for “allinanchor:Best SEO Company” (without the quotes), you would fine sites that are linking out to sites using the text “best SEO company.”

This can be a great way to find the type of links your competitors are building, so that you can come up with a better SEO strategy to outrank them.

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