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Facebook Apps that Enrich Your Fan Page

Do you think of extending your online business through social media marketing? then it should be done effectively with Facebook fan page. Up to date there are currently, more than three million active fan pages are in Facebook. But not all fan pages get succeed. The page which drives more fans (Likers) to its account are the one that makes count. Its all about how you dress up your fan page to satisfy your fans. Your page should display all your business or product details. But how effectively you display and promote your product page is vital thing here.

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5 Must known Twitter Tools for finding Local Tweeps

Twitter is a networking and socializing tool it allows people to connect with other people and in twitter local tools you can find out how many followers and tweepls are there from any city and you can meet twitter users from any specific city using twitter local tools and you can also find current event organized in twitter at in any region using twitter local tools. Some of the twitter local tools are, Twitter Local, Geofollow,Chirpcity, Tweetmondo and Twibs.

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Goodbye to Google AdWords Report Center

Earlier this week, The Google AdWords blog announced that they will be moving the Report Center into the Campaigns tab. As of now, Google moved some of the reports from the Report Center to the Campaigns tab, also it is assumed that soon it will start transferring the other reports to the Campaigns tab as well and finally the Report Center will be discarded wholly which will happen in a couple of weeks.

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Twitter Search – Advanced Twitter Search Operators

Twitter is one of the most popular social site, due its simplicity and ability to share things quickly. In order to find the right audience in twitter, the proper use of Twitter Search is important. Apart from the usual search, twitter also provides some advanced search operators. In this blog I am going to cover a few advanced search operators from Twitter. Read more

Healing Our Social Media

The importance of social media has been rapidly increased now-a-days. The purpose of the social media may differ from one people to another. But today these valuable social media have become a drain of advertisements due to some people’s mistakes. Whether it may be Facebook or Twitter, both of these social media should take necessary steps to heal themselves from the violation of such users. We also have a major responsibilities to protect our social media. Therefore I suggest a few steps to protect these social media and to bring a value to them. Read more

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