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5 Firefox Tools That I Use For SEO

One thing I always wonder with Firefox is that it has plenty of add-ons. Though, Google chrome is rocking as a browser still I stick with firefox because of available number of addons in firefox.

When it comes to business, you need too many addons than personal use of any browser, When it comes to SEO, you will miss almost all if you dont have any addons. The role played by addons for SEO is important, I would say more than that. In this blog, I am going to cover about the essential Firefox addons that I am using for SEO. Read more

Social Media TOS

Do you run any social media campaign for your business? Are you a active participant in the social media platform? If the answer is yes, the below points would sound very familiar to you. But for those who look social media as a new way of hope for their business then I am sure these would help them a lot. Every business has their own TOS (Terms of Service) so as the social media campaigns have. The below mentioned social media TOS should be easy to understand and a must follow one.


  • Trust
  • Organize
  • Share

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Google Adds Images To Real Time Search

Google is famous for changing its algorithm continuously to make it better in performance and the other known thing is Google updates, sometimes in loud voice like Google Wave or many times very silently like real time update launch. And this time too, Google has updated a feature very silently. A tweet from a Googler telling the world that they launched this feature. Anyway I like Google and like to have their update too. They started to add images in real time updates, I would say they are adding kind of attraction to their SERP. Read more

URL Canonicalization and Redirection Codes

Does your site has different page extensions, then your site may suffer from internal duplication that arises from canonical issues. First of all what is URL canonicalization? according to Wikipedia

“URL normalization (or URL canonicalization) is the process by which URLs are modified and standardized in a consistent manner. The goal of the normalization process is to transform a URL into a normalized or canonical URL so it is possible to determine if two syntactically different URLs are equivalent.”

In this blog we can see about the disadvantages of canonical URL’s and how to normalize it.

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4 Backlink Analysis Tools to make your SEO Campaign Ease & Success

One of the essential and easy way of handling any project can be perfectly done using the tools. These tools play a major role for search engine optimizers as well to perform their tasks in a faster and more effective manner. The most important factor is to achieve higher rank in SERP is the amount of links you gain for your website / web pages. In order to track those inbound links, there are various tools available.

Here are the four online tools for tracking inbound links and these tools have its own individuality in their tracking process.

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