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Google PageRank Update – April 2010

After almost three months, Google updates its PR again. This is the first update by Google in this year. Last time, it did update on December 31 which you can call as new-year gift to webmasters. This time, Google does update on holy Good Friday. Read more

Remarketing – The Right Way to Target Right Audience

For a change, this time I have decided to go with Paid Marketing, rather then Search Engine Optimization in my article. Recently in the past week Google Adwords has made an update which many of us would not be aware of, that is it has rolled out a new feature called remarketing. Currently it is available only for particular advertisers. Over the next few weeks every advertisers will get this new feature in their accounts.

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Google April Fools

Google says in some interesting units, to say how long it took to fetch the search results. And lets see what they say. Read more

Google Search Results Update – Suggestion Box

Google is simply awesome in showing search suggestions, I would say it is best among all search engines. Though, they are having that service as better, Google like to make it as best. Here comes another update by Google on their search suggestions. Read more

Web 3.0 and Semantic web

The Semantic Web is an evolving development of the World Wide Web. If web 2.0 is about linking people then web 3.0 is about linking data. Web 3.0 is a web in which data is linked to give more meaningful insight to the search. Semantic web in other words, is about teaching machines to read web pages, which are designed to be read by humans.
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