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Google Suggestions on Top Brands in SERP

Google has introduced brand names in search results. This means when users searches for a particular product in google.com it will list out some popular brands who manufactures the product, above the organic results. Read more

Google’s New Interface

With effect from 05 May 2010 Google have changed its appearances on its homepage and in the search result page. After a successful completion of testing for a certain period, Google have applied its changes. This changes includes a vibrant color change in the Google logo, a bigger and sophisticated search box which includes a search button.

Read more

9 Surefire Tactics Everyone Should Avoid While Blogging

Blog is simply the best weapon for everyone to share their thoughts in online. People stared to call people to write blogs about some sensitive issues. In Internet marketing, Blogging has become a passion and an vital way for marketing as well. A well written blog post can boost your site traffic if done in a proper way. So it is necessary for the bloggers to know about the things not to be done while writing a blog. Read more

Google Rolls Out New Feature For Similar Pages Search

Its quite difficult task to all to retain the position that they are having. If they are in high position, they tempt to do some changes, introducing fresh things and lots of experiments. Google, the search engine giants still has the major part in the industry but they still like to improve themselves. Well, as a users I should welcome this movement by Google. Whatever Google does, it aims to give add some extra feature to the users. Here comes another Google update – another experiment by Google. And yes, another good piece of update from Google. Read more

Two Major Google Failures in 2009 – Google Wave | Google Buzz

In recent years Google has been busy in introducing more experiments and updates. Some come out well with better results satisfying the users. And it is common for all to get unexpected results. After all, Google is doing a business and its common for any business man to get failure. In last year, Google has created expectation in many for one product – this is Google wave and another came surprisingly i.e., Google Buzz. But both products got big failure. Read more

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