Bing Adds Search History To Auto Suggest Search

Bing’s community blog has came with an announced of including search history to its auto suggest search. This feature will support suggestions from your query history and make user to get them where they want to go faster. Bing uses your previous search queries to suggest search keywords, this will help users who uses Bing as their default search engine. Read more

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Why Do We Need Press Release Submission

Press Release is a news article for the purpose of explaining that happening inside your company to others. You can call this as news article since, it used to spread the news about your company. Major companies would love to tell the World about their annual report, announcement, new services, business tie-up, etc.. Press release gives a platform for them to do their official announcements. Read more

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Google Rules Out Its New “Discussion & Nearby” Search Features

Google the search engine giant adds an another update “Discussion & Nearby” to its SERP in its “Show Options” feature. Google always curious to change something in their features in order to keep the users with them and also give a better search experience to the users. Let’s check out the effects of these new features in Google search results.

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Google Adds Facebook Updates in Real-time Search

Google launched real time search in December 2009 that shows updates from twitter, friendfeed etc. And Google was curious to add updates from other social media sites and added some more sites after the official launch of that feature. Recently Google incorporated “Myspace” status updates earlier this month. Read more

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Website Domains and their Impact on SEO

A number of factors are involved when considers the impact of a website domain with regards to SEO. I am going to give my views on the following four concepts.

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