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Make Your Domain Name Visible using Wikis

According to Wikipedia a single page in a wiki website is referred to as a wiki page. A wiki website allows you to create or modify any number of interlinked web pages and it allows creating a sub- domain too. So what we can do with these pages, simple we can create a wiki pages for our site and get a link back to our site. The main advantage of wiki pages is that its visibility in SERP for our domain name that leads to drive more traffic.

OK let us see some of the wiki sites in this blog,

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Building your brand on Facebook

Many brands in this modern world are considering Facebook as a platform for Branding, Advertising and Marketing. Brands like Toyota, Hyundai, Honda and General Motors are having intense presence in Facebook. This scenario tells us that popular brands are making use of Facebook to get engaged with their customers, acquiring new customers, to generate new leads for their businesses and so on.

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Google Places, A New Name for Google Local Business Center

Google renames it’s ‘Local Business Center’ as ‘Google Places’. This is largely a name change with the addition of some new features. Google wanted to connect the businesses with the recently created Place Pages. According to Google, there are already four million businesses already claimed their Place page and created more than 50 million places around the world to help people make more informed about places.
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Formula to Calculate Google Adwords Ad Rank and Actual CPC

As a search engine marketing professional, from novice advertisers to professional Internet marketers, everyone want their ads to be placed at the top position before the organic results in order to grab the attention from visitors and their customers. There might be chances of getting best Return on Investment (ROI), when your ads are placed at the right position with good adtext.
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Google Updates “Top links” in Real Time Search Results

Google has updated its real time feature and come up with “Top Links” in the right side of the updates page. The “Top Links” displays the most popular stories related the keyword that we are searching for.

For example, we are searching for the keyword ‘ipl t20‘, it displays the following Google results, Read more

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