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Have You Ever Heard About Crawl Delay In robots.txt?

I hope you that you all aware of robots.txt, do you ever checked robots.txt file in major websites?. Check this Delicious robots.txt file, which is used as an example to show the complex & concept of robots.txt file by one of my colleague. I am just curious to check the robots.txt in my client sites and in other sites too. When I checked the same in Twitter, I came to know a new term called ‘crawl-delay’. This directive was used by Twitter in their robots.txt file. Read more

Top 6 Twitter Life Tools

Twitter is a popular social networking site which has established a place for its uniqueness. It helps people in expanding social circle, branding products & promoting businesses, collaboration among a group, gaining increased traffic for a website, and more. Twitter tools support tweeples in making their work ease and profitable. Here are some top twitter life tools that tweeples love.

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A Few Useful Advance Search Operators From Bing

Google supports a number of advanced search operators that helps the user to make specific queries and doing some great help to SEO as well. Recently Microsoft’s Bing offers some advanced operators for effective searching. It contains some operators like site, intilte, inurl, define , AND , OR that are also found in Google and there are certain other queries which are more advanced merely absent in other search engines. Lets have a look at it and how it is effectively used. Read more

15+ Must Ask SEO Questions to your Clients

The better you understand the website and client’s objective on his / her business it would be much easier for you to optimize / re-optimize the website and get the desired result out of it. The more information you gain from your client ahead of any SEO campaign will help structure the entire SEO campaign targeting the right keywords, right audience etc. I have listed 15+ “SEO Questionnaire” in the blog which will help any SEO person to kick start the campaign with proper information available.


SEO Questionnaire Checklist

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Role Of Social Media In Business

Nowadays social media plays a vital role in all business and marketing circles. Social media marketing is the best platform to promote your site through social media channels (for example Flickr, Twitter, Facebook) and you will get more number of visitors and huge amount of traffic. And also without spending huge amount of money you can generate more number of visitors and returning visitors. Social media is the best way to promote your business, for instance if you are selling product or publishing ad, then social media is the best way to make your website profitable in a less span of time.

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