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Black Hat Vs White Hat SEO

White Hat and Black Hat SEO are two different approaches by search engine optimizers on how to do search engine optimization. White hats are those which obey the guidelines by major search engines to optimize their site. Black hat techniques are simply referred as unethical practice by search engine optimizers. Search Engine Optimizers will pay for this when search engines noted that bad practice. Read more

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Twitter Gets Its Own URL Shortener

Today Twitter announced its very own URL shortener to help fight against scams and security threats. It is a great move for Twitter to stop and prevent the spread of bad activities using Twitter. In a blog post Twitter writes Read more

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5 Creative Link Building Tactics Even the Beginners Can Do

Link Building is an most important part of any successful website. Existence of a best website can be known only if it is promoted in various ways. Inbound links are needed if you want your website to be noticed by the search engines, but its not about just getting more number of links. The key is to get high quality inbound links. Read more

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Facebook An Avatar Of PPC Advertising

Facebook the largest social networking and second most visited website around the world, with more than 400 million registered user. In recent years Facebook has become one of the hottest place to advertise, due to its wide range of users from around the world.. So what makes Facebook ads better than Google Adwords or other PPC advertising. So lets have a detailed preview of Facebook a  new avatar of PPC advertising. Read more

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Google Replaces SearchWiki With Star In Search

Google says bye bye to SearchWiki  and welcomes Search in Sight. It’s been a year and a half journey  for searchwiki from its launch, with quite mixed reaction from search users finally coming to an end. Today Google has made an officially announced for its new feature star in search, which lets you to mark and rediscover the web content through search. Below you get to see the image of how starred results look like.

Google Star in search Read more

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