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Your Social Media Agency Is Deficient Without These 8 Nutrients (Tools)

Managing multiple social media accounts, engaged in updating and seeking to reach the target every now and then – This routine is not just for a day but this goes on and on. So having a few handy tools which just helps you to meet your targets and make this activity even easier.

Wait! Confused about what are we talking? The social media agency it is. Get to know about some essential nutrients for your social media agency that keeps it going.

Okay this is cool to have managing tools for your agency. Immediate question pricks from beneath of your heart and brain which tools? So here we are sorting you out for your queries. The essentials nutrients for your social media agency!


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Create Call to Action Buttons That Convert

We often try new marketing tactics and implement things on our online store to increase visitors and sales but have you ever given importance to call to action buttons? Well these small buttons on your website is very important to get the goal accomplished. A successful ecommerce website is not necessarily a website that attracts lots of visitors but it generates sales and it has the potential to convert the visitors. Call to action buttons plays a major role in conversions. They lead your visitors towards the checkout path. And if designed and placed well, they can really improve the overall sales. We have seen lots of website with easy navigation, mobile friendly layout and fast processing speed but often they lack in this department. Many online stores don’t give attention to the text, design and shape of call to action buttons.

If you really want to improve the sales, you need to think about all the possible opportunities and things that can convert your visitor into customer. This infographic, created by KOL Limited, revolves around some of the important tips to create call to action buttons that convert.
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Why Should We Pay Attention to Social Signals for Being Successful in SEO Efforts?

Social signals are the likes, shares, votes, pins, or views people place on social media sites, like Facebook. Social signals play a big role in boosting SEO efforts since search engines take cognizance of them as part of their algorithm.  According to a report, top 8 social networks, including Facebook,  Pinterest, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and YouTube, drew 31.24% traffic to sites in 2014, up from 22.71% the previous year. Actually, both Google and Bing pay heed to what sites are being talked about on social media channels, which in turn has a great impact on rankings of sites.


Image Credit: neilpatel.com

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Basic Tips to Initiate On-Page and Off-Page SEO

In the ever-competitive world of the internet, every business needs to compete with its competitors in order to get the most of this unique platform. But the problem is that smaller companies can never compete with the giant companies of the market when it comes to marketing budget. Here comes the role of SEO. Most of the website owners and businesses in Cork have a mentality that merely link building can help them to gain higher ranking in the search engines but the scenario has completely changed with the updates and algorithm changes by Google in 2014. So, keep yourself updated with our post to gain utmost benefits of SEO in Cork that is broadly divided into On-page and Off-page SEO.

on page vs off page

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Accelerated Mobile Pages: What You Need to Know About [Infographic]


We are living in the era of high speed connectivity and high end gadgets. Users today prefer mobile devices to book a service or purchase a product. Faster upload speed is the need of the hour but we often see that we don’t get that much speed using mobile devices. Although the screen size is small and technically it should load in a fraction of second but it takes around 5-15 seconds to load a page completely on a mobile device. To overcome these problems, few months back, Google launched AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) Project. This is focused on accelerating mobile news sites. This new feature will help to load the website instantly.

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