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Understanding Google Analytics New Interface – Custom Reporting Section

Understanding Google Analytics New Interface – Custom Reporting Section:

Google Analytics recently experiencing the new interface to handle our Google Analytics accounts. In that, they have updated the custom reporting section to enhance the usability. Let us discuss what are the new features available in the custom reporting section below.

Migrate our old custom reports to the new one.
Find the below image where you will find the custom reports tab available in the new interface.

Custom Report
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Things You Should Know To Avoid Post Panda Nightmare

After the recent Panda update, we hear or read in blogs that many websites have been affected and their ranking, traffic had been drastically decreased. Interestingly, in every discussion that deals with traffic decrease or ranking drop, the webmasters sounds too positive about their site. They claim their website is an authority one, irrespective of having low quality content and link profile.

Google Panda Algorithm

Rather than keep complaining on Google, its best time to analyze about your site and make changes, that will help overcome this Panda Obstacles! There are several things that you can do to make sure that your sites doesn’t get affected by Panda Update.

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How should Businesses deal with online negative comments

In this social era some businesses try to hide from social media which isn’t going to help the progress. The real answer lies in how you use the channel effectively to deal with your potentials.

Social media is a great marketing tool but what happens when there are some negative comments from your customers? Today it is very easy for your customers to leave feedback about the product or service on social and review websites

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7 Social Shopping Sites that worth your time

By using these social shopping sites, we can buy any products through online also find the quality of the products from their reviews. With the help of these online shopping sites users can create their own wish list and receives the latest product information from the community. The following sites will be useful for online shopping

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Instant Feature on Product Search – Google’s Latest Update

Google recently announced that they have added Instant Search on Google product which has been seen in the web search results. When you are search for particular products in google.com, it enrich results with the price details for that particular product under “shopping” feature. For example if we are searching for the product “iPhone 4″ the screen shot of the search is shown below,
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