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Google Webmaster Tools Adds New Feature To Search Queries

Google has offered many updates to webmaster tools with an immense efficiency in order to improve the website’s visibility in search results. Depend upon the search query, the detailed data of the entire website can be retrieved. In this blog, I would like to share about an additional field “Change” which has been newly included along with the existing columns.

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New Screenshot of Google Full Page Preview Now In Google.co.in SERP

Patrick Altoft of Branded3 spotted full page previews in Google UK’s SERPs last week and now its in Google.co.in, the Indian version.

Patrick has diagnosed the SERP preview feature and the major talking point is the highlighting of certain sections in an orange box within the preview.
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Twitter Introduces New Keyboard Shorcut Keys

Twitter is a combination of both social networking and microblogging service which eventually permit us to write and read posts called tweets. These tweets are text messages maximum of 140 characters . Twitter has crossed several millions users who have produced billions of tweets each year. The Twitter has introduced several short cut keys on keyboard which would be more helpful and eventually increase the usage. These shortcuts would help us to refine our search results. So these shortcuts of keyboard are helpful to tweet fast.

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Twitter Apps For Fun

The Twitter is used as a short messaging system in the initial days, now undergone many changes today. It has become one of the vital thing in each and every platforms like Business, Marketing, Customer Service and many more. Read more

Sizing Up Your Competition – An Essential Part Of SEO Campaign & Online Business

Sizing up the competition is most important step for any business to achieve competitive advantage in their market. Competitive analysis helps to identify the real competition, determine the competitive advantages and disadvantages and to develop a strategic planning process. If you are able to know what your competitor is doing, then you can readily adopt the missed out techniques and you can streamline your SEO campaign by finding better ways on how to rise up above your competitors. Here are some of the basic analysis to determine your competition.

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