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Fresh Content, How Does It Improve Search Engine Rankings?

“Fresh content brings higher Search Engine Rankings” and “Search Engines love fresh content”. These are the SEO maxims that we can often hear from SEO world. It is obvious that fresh content attracts human visitors. But do search engines also give importance to it? The recent important changes in the search engine algorithm is to have relevant as well as fresh content to display in the search results. Google engineers are working hard to keep the search results as fresh as possible so that they reflect the most up to date content on the web. The updated content has become one of the important criteria for search engines to crawl, index and rank websites. Read more

Google Wave Hits The End Of The Road

Google is announcing more updates, some are getting success and are more useful to utilizers and some are getting failure. Recently the failure is Google wave. Google Wave is a real time web based application, it is designed to bring e-mail, social networking and instant messaging and also sharing of rich content such as documents, maps, images and video together. But Google wave have not reached the people effectively as expected.

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Local Keyword Research Tools – An Overview

Local SEO is becoming spot light in internet marketing industry. The trend towards Local search is growing steadily and within last couple of years we can witness more enhanced local search results from all major search engines including big brother Google. Google in particular has been embedding these “Maps” inside their search pages as part of their Universal Search results. This has opened new opportunities for local businesses and requires different techniques, from organic SEO, to get exposure there.

Keyword research for Local SEO again plays vital role in Local Search Engine Optimization. Earlier it was very difficult to finalize / brainstorm the keywords for specific regions as these keywords would relatively return no search volume compared with the root keywords. Google trends, which was introduced earlier does not show enough data I believe. The search for the keyword “Auto Repair NY” does not provide any significant data in Google trends. but when the same keyword is searched through Google insights search which we are going to explore today, will provide pretty impressive data.

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Comprehensive List Of Free Press Release Sites Which Are Worth Submitting To

What is the purpose of undergoing press release submission? simple, the news should be displayed in Google news. But does Google caches the news from all press release sites that you have submitted the news in. OK, in this blog I’m going to list some of the press release sites and mentioned what they are mainly intend for (i.e) sites that will appear in Google news, sites that will provide a permanent backlink to your site, sites that will be listed in SERP. Read more

Google Replaces Yellow AdWords Background with Pale Purple AdWords Background

Over the past few years, we have seen the Google AdWords sponsored links above the organic results have been displayed with a yellow background. Recently Google has revamped its background color to Pale Purple. Google has been testing the color changes since the month of May and finally it is decided to go with pale purple color background.

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