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Google’s Recent Enhancements In Its Paid Advertising

Google would love to do changes in their natural search results regularly as well as it tends to satisfy their advertisers by providing regular enhancements to the AdWords interface as well as in the paid search results. Recently Google AdWords team has released new billing tab, new enhancement to location extension and implemented keyword targeting feature.

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Top 5 Product Review and Price Comparison Websites

Product reviews help consumers make the best decisions when looking for a product to buy online. A quality review website will offer sincere, unbiased opinions of products. There are plenty of product review sites online and finding quality website review website can be difficult. The best product review sites are the ones which provide both pros and cons of the items, comparisons and alternatives and thus educate the potential buyer with necessary information. I am sharing here some of the best Product review sites I have analyzed,
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Google Now Shows Definitions In SERP

As of now, Google has gone under many changes in their appearance and the search results. Following to the new look of Google, they are updating the definition for the verbal and adjective words in their search results. Normally we used to find definition using advanced search query operator like define:beautiful. Now Google search results started showing definition with the corresponding pronunciation for the verbal words on the very first snippet of the search results page and also it is displaying with the popular online dictionary websites like Dictionary.com, Answers.com and The Free Dictionary websites.

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3 FREE Online Form Builders That Make Life Easier

Yes, online form builders are so easy to use that even your tech savvy ‘grandma’ can build them. Forms are an essential tool in a website as they allow visitors to communicate with you either regarding a query or a information on your product/service or just to say hi.
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Have You Ever Heard About Crawl Delay In robots.txt?

I hope you that you all aware of robots.txt, do you ever checked robots.txt file in major websites?. Check this Delicious robots.txt file, which is used as an example to show the complex & concept of robots.txt file by one of my colleague. I am just curious to check the robots.txt in my client sites and in other sites too. When I checked the same in Twitter, I came to know a new term called ‘crawl-delay’. This directive was used by Twitter in their robots.txt file. Read more

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