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Google Instant Search – Experts View

Google has announced Google Instant recently, a new search enhancement where people can gets relevant results displayed before completing the query. We know that Google provides auto suggestions while typing a query. Now it has become more advanced by Google Instant providing range of possible queries in drop-down box and when a particular suggestion is selected the relevant results are displayed all before you ever hit the “Search” button.

Google estimates that Google Instant can save people an average of 2-5 seconds per search.
Even when user are not determined about their search these suggestion guides them and the top suggestion is shown in grey text direcly in search box and also provides instant results before typing full search term.
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4 Simple Ways to Retain your Existing Customers

Are you looking to get new customers to your business? Listen, I tell you a secret, If you are good enough in retaining your existing customers you can have your business move in the right path. I am not saying that you shouldn’t concentrate in new customers, everyone will look forward to increase their customer base so do I. But when you have returning customers that means you have a satisfied customers and you can maintain a strong and confirm buyers whom you can relay on.


1. Complementary Products

Offer your customers complimentary products that might trigger your business. Make sure the product you offer as a complimentary one have some usage with the main product your customer has bought.

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Google Colour’s up its Translate

We must have noticed the one and only favorite search engine Google color’s up its google’s Translate. Today, nothing is constant, except changes. We are encountered several changes worldwide, and the change as even come to Google’s look and feel that translates the text. The pages of Google Translate documents are now even much easy. These changes are now available worldwide. The visual and functional changes of today has made the process so easier to discover and we could take full advantage of several features of Google Translate and integrations.

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Facebook Places – How And Why It Means For Businesses & Marketers

Facebook has recently announced a new location based service, “Facebook Places” that allows facebook users to utilize the service within the facebook social network through mobile devices. It makes users to share where they are, find out where their friends have checked in, discover interesting places nearby and tag friends who are at the location with them as well. The main objective is to take the virtual relationships that we have recreated with old friends on facebook and bring them into the physical world.

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Weighted Sort – Effective Sorting In Google Analytics

Google has been adding more options to their Analytics tool as of now. This time they introduced ‘Weighted Sort’ option to the bounce rate and also available in the other section like goal conversion rate, % new visits etc.. So far the bounce rate of 100% with only one visit has been sorted at the top when it has been sorted by clicking on the ‘Bounce Rate’ column. There is no use of tracking this data for any of your campaign and also you supposed to view the useful data by manually which are in the next set of pages. Now ‘Weighted Sort’ option shows the bounce rate by the number of visits and it seems bringing out of the real data in the first set of rows.

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