Healing Our Social Media

The importance of social media has been rapidly increased now-a-days. The purpose of the social media may differ from one people to another. But today these valuable social media have become a drain of advertisements due to some people’s mistakes. Whether it may be Facebook or Twitter, both of these social media should take necessary steps to heal themselves from the violation of such users. We also have a major responsibilities to protect our social media. Therefore I suggest a few steps to protect these social media and to bring a value to them. Read more

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Guest Blogging for SEO Benefits

Guest blogging is a method of writing blog post to be published on other blogger’s blog to increase the blog traffic. Guest blogging can be meant in two ways. Someone you accept to post on your blog or writing a blog post on another blogger’s blog. In either way, the main goal of the guest blogging is to build network with other people, increase traffic and grow relationship with other blog users. Let us see the benefits of posting a guest blog post. Read more

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Google Testing Different Colors For Adwords Background

For the past few months, Google is constantly flipping the background colors for the Sponsored Links section in the SERP that feature ads.

In the month of May 2010, you would have noticed continuous updates in Search Engine Roundtable blog on changing the ads background. It was also reported on 2008 that Google Testing Green Backgrounds & Turns Directory Ads Green followed by Google Testing Pink Background For AdWords Ads in 2010.

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Fifa World Cup 2010 Google Chrome and Firefox Extensions

Yes the greatest sporting event in the world, the Fifa Football World Cup 2010, has started and its time you keep track of the happenings in your browsers and get the most of the football madness that you want for.
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5 Firefox Tools That I Use For SEO

One thing I always wonder with Firefox is that it has plenty of add-ons. Though, Google chrome is rocking as a browser still I stick with firefox because of available number of addons in firefox.

When it comes to business, you need too many addons than personal use of any browser, When it comes to SEO, you will miss almost all if you dont have any addons. The role played by addons for SEO is important, I would say more than that. In this blog, I am going to cover about the essential Firefox addons that I am using for SEO. Read more

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