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Synchronizing in facebook using MySpace

MySpace has announced its users that they can log on to the facebook page from the MySpace home page. From this option, it is possible to import all likes as well as interests in facebook from MySpace. This will suits best to the users who are using both facebook and MySpace for synchronizing the updates. A personalized stream can be created in MySpace and the updates can be imported from facebook. Synchronizing in facebook is good news to all social networking users because users can be in touch with their friends in terms with photos, videos, games, and applications.

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Guest Blogging – The Tips


Today, All of us have a personal blog. Generally blogs are usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events and others to share their thoughts among their friends.

Guest Blogging:

Guest blogging is the exchange of content from one blogger to another, for a site which the author does not own. In other words, someone writes content for your website and your are writing content for another this act makes you a guest blogger.

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Top 5 Twitter Backgrounds

Twitter is nowadays the most popular social media website used worldwide, which is a micro blogging platform to publish short messages of less than 140 characters. Lots of upcoming news and information are displayed as “Top tweets” in the home page of twitter website. Tweeples are increasing day by day and most of them update their twitter profile constantly. Business owners have been trying to promote their business and services in twitter by implementing various innovative techniques like creating an attractive profile, uploading pictures, posting tweets based on the interests of their followers etc.

Nowadays online marketers use twitter to increase their brand and also gets huge amount of ROI. For success in business through twitter the essential thing is the profile, your twitter profile speaks what you are. To set your profile innovative and attractive twitter provides you various background, design and themes. The perfect twitter background and design helps you to be prominent among group of people and develops your business with more number of followers. Read more

Google Boost, A New Advertising Channel for Local Businesses

Google launches it’s new Beta version “Boost” an advertising solution which will help local businesses connect with potential local customers. Google already has “Google Places” a free advertising platform for local businesses where they claim their local business which will appear on “Google Maps” search results on both desktops and Mobile phones. “Google Boost” is the beta release of the expansion of this local business platform. These search ads can be created within the Places account and it is initially available only for the business owners within San Francisco, Houston and Chicago. Read more

Yahoo! Site Explorer Reports Less Number Of Links

For past four to five days, the number of backlinks have been drastically reduced, say around 40% of links are lost. Many suffers from same issue and they were discussed in some popular forums too.

On checking yahoo suggestion board, we came to know that the yahoo team is working with the Bing team over this sudden drop down of backlink count, to bring it all back to order. Read more

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