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How to Identify Key Influencers for Your SEO Campaign

In a world where internet is one of the biggest factor when it comes to almost all business endeavors, everyone wants to get their content upvoted and popular. If a company doesn’t show up on top when their target customers are googling for the services they provide, then the customers might never even know about the company. It is absolutely important got the company to be as visible on search engines as possible to boost the number of visits to their website.

There are several key influencers when it comes to an SEO campaign, SEO experts believe that true influence drives action, not just awareness. One of the key platforms often used by SEO agencies to boost the SEO campaign is through social media. People who are active in social media are one of the biggest influences when it comes to SEO campaign. An even bigger influence on an SEO campaign is held by the SEO agencies that have been consulted to provide the company with their SEO services.

An SEO agency has several SEO experts working under them to provide the clients with an improvement in their Google search result listing. SEO services ensure a site to be easily accessible through search engines and improve the overall number of visitation to the website. The SEO service providers/ SEO agencies provide clients with a large number of packages from which the client can choose one that agrees the most with them.

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Why digital signage is an important effective marketing tip

Effective marketing requires an array of skills and knowledge. To effectively position your brand in the market, you need to up your game and that of your team members. Competition is real and you cannot afford to compromise on marketing.

You need to ensure that your team has the knowledge of the products offered by your entity. This alone gives you an edge. If they are not highly conversant, then you can train them again on the product to be marketed.

The following skills can get you started:

>>> Communication, negotiation and networking

Good marketers have mastered the art of communication and are also efficient business operators. With effective communication skills, your team can easily make deals with suppliers and service providers, build and maintain working relationships with your customers and build useful networks in the market.

Again, you have to ensure you communicate effectively with your marketing team. For example, you need to set marketing goals as a team and ensure every one works towards the realization of the target goals.

>>> Collaborate with your sales team

It will be of no use to be efficient at marketing if there is not going to be a rise in sales. Sales team must therefore be involved in the marketing strategy decisions. The products should always be available as marketing continues. Should a customer be convinced about the product, they pick it up just then.

If your business is a small entity with a smaller team, then you still need to ensure that marketing objectives are consistent with sales target.

>>> Know your strength and weaknesses

The SWOT analysis plays a key role in marketing. This includes strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This will make you to make informed decisions to deliver your marketing effectively. Know the pros and cons of your business operating systems, financial commitments, legal obligations and workforce skills.

Conducting a SWOT analysis helps you in the following ways:

1. It can help you identify training needs
2. Appropriately spending your marketing budgets. More marketing budget should be directed towards places with great opportunities.
3. Developing a targeted campaign that fits within the capability of the company’s database.
4. Using staff in personal selling campaigns that excel in necessary communication skills.

Branding your business is also an important thing that you should take note of. The way people perceive your business is very important. When you brand positively and ensure that you give your best to your customers, your business will thrive. To do this successfully, you need to:

>>> Define your brand.

Review your products or services, know what space it occupies in the market and research the needs and concerns of your customers. Your brand character will differentiate you in the market and help you connect to your customer. This will promote your business.

>>> Think of your brand as a person.

Every one of us is an individual whose character is made up of beliefs, values and purposes that define us. If you structure your brand in this way, you will always ensure that your services and everything that your business does, is in line with the purpose of the business.

>>> Aim to build long term relationships with your customers

Never promise what you cannot deliver. This breaks trust relationship. Always endeavor to be honest with your clients.

>>> Don’t try to copy other brands

This will limit the potential of your business. People already know the big brands. Don’t try to emulate them, instead, curve your own niche. Let them want to copy from you.

To market effectively, technology should be your number one friend. Technology such as digital signage is revolutionizing marketing. You could supplement your marketing strategy with digital signage. Digital signage offers you the following advantages:

* You can easily update content from anywhere provided there is a working internet connection.
* Digital signs reduce both real and perceived waiting times in your store.
* It allows you to promote special items with strategic integration.
* You can also update it with new information about products in a short time.
* You can introduce special deals through coupons only available through your digital signs.
* Digital signs increase brand awareness.
* Digital signs improve customer relationships because they give opportunities to learn about individual customers.
* Digital signs also improve communication between you and your customers or between you and your employees.

Another way of effective marketing is through the social media. A good number of people are on social media. This presents an immense opportunity to grow your business. You cannot afford to miss such an opportunity. For marketing, social media accords you the following advantages:

>>> It establishes trust

People will only buy goods and services from the brands they trust. Social media gives you the opportunity to build trust. Once the trust is established, marketing is easier.

>>> You reach so many people

The fact that many people are on social media, your products will be known over a short period of time. This helps you to create awareness of your brand.

>>> It is cheap

You can turn to social media for your marketing if you are looking towards saving funds for your company.

It gives you an opportunity to know what your customers wantThrough the comments section, you can directly interact with your clients. This enables you to know what they actually want.

Email marketing also gives you an immense opportunity to reach potential clients. It offers you the following advantages:

* It is cheap
* You can easily track how consumers are taking up your goods or services.
* It is global so you can reach beyond the borders of your country.
* It is easy to create and does not require special skills.

Blogging is also another way to up your marketing campaigns. Sites like WordPress offer free blogging platforms. This enables you to explain to your visitors your products. WordPress has good search engine ranking, so it is the best for you. It is also a URL dependent platform that enables you to access your website from any computer or device.

Effective marketing enables you to grow your business. It also positions your brand in the market.

Author bio:

William Smith is a marketing specialist. He also makes signage from digital signage templates. He also spends a lot of his free time educating the minds of thousands of young marketers on ways of brand positioning and other marketing tips. You can find more information on what he does on his website https://www.dopublicity.com/.

Why SEO Campaigns Need To Be Evaluated By Their Conversion Efficiency

Undoubtedly a successful website is one that is able to drive traffic towards itself. However, one does come across numerous instances of sites that attract a lot of traffic but do not have conversions to match. When we say “conversion”, it does not necessarily have to be sales resulting in the generation of revenue but also includes the successful outcome of the intention of the CTA that could range from an email newsletter subscription signup to a request for a demo or just about any other action desired from a visitor to the site.

Visitor Flow Tracking Is Vital

Visitor flow is the way a visitor visits different pages on a website and the sequence they follow. The tracking of this flow is important because it can give you a general view of how the visitor is processing information on the website and where the site provides stopping points. This sort of an insight is crucial because you will be able to discover the points at which there are bottlenecks or halting points and how to connect them so that more conversions take place.

Tools for Tracking Visitor Flow

A simple way of monitoring the flow of visitors is by using Google Analytics. Another effective way of tracking visitor flow is to set goals up in Google’s Admin tab. Either a single page can be set up as a goal or even pages in a funnel, which is defined as the steps leading up to the goal. An example of a typical funnel is product page – shopping cart – checkout. Once the goal is set up, it can be tracked under Conversions – Goals. Once the funnel is established, you can see how the visitor is progressing to the end or leaving at any particular stage.

However, the CEO of the leading provider of bulk email marketing services in Mumbai is of the opinion that while such tracking can give you a general idea of visitor flow, you need to appreciate that there are a number of other factors affecting conversions, such as confusion regarding what the next step should be.

The Difference Lies In Gaining Insights into User Behavior

The reasons why your site is not able to get the vital conversions can also be revealed by obtaining visitor feedback as they navigate the site. Gathering insights from users in real time can be really shocking at times butis extremelyinformative. To understand if there is indeed a pattern that can be established, it is best to have the site navigated by multiple users rather than just one.

This sort of testing can be done through specialist sites like usertesting.com that take the required user demographics and track the flow of visitors fitting the profile. A useful feature is that you can actually set up goals for your visitors and see how well they fare as they attempt to carry out certain specified transactions like a purchase or an email newsletter signup. You can even request for feedback on specific aspects of your site and use the responses to determine what changes need to be done. By using another test site by the name of fivesecondtest.com, you can administer a simple test that asks a user to look at a particular design for just five seconds and answer a number of questions. The responses you get will enable you to design a user experience that is better and geared towards promoting conversions once the users land up on your site.


Even the best SEO campaign will only suffice to get the users to visit your site but the traffic does not always correspond to sales conversions. Vital to the purchase decision is the emotion of the user that is very closely linked to the user experience. When users are not clear about what is expected of them or cannot figure out what to do to achieve an outcome, it can lead to frustration and they will leave the website. This underlines the importance of allocating sufficient resources to promoting sales conversions rather than just traffic when strategizing an SEO campaign.

Author bio: Walter Moore is a senior sales consultant at GingerDomain.com, a reputed name in digital marketing services. Walter, a keen mountaineer, is a prolific writer on SEO trends and issues on the online media.

A Step-By-Step SEO Guide To Improve Your Search Engine Ranking (Infographic)

While search engine optimization is the easiest way through which you can improve your site’s ranking and traffic, it does require a lot of work. Apart from content and link building strategy, you also need to focus on optimizing images, URL structure, check cross-browser compatibility etc, and thus implementing the best SEO practices, one that’ll help to make your site SEO friendly is very important.

However, are you aware of all the important SEO factors that can help to influence your search engine ranking? Or Do you know which key factors you need to focus on?

No idea?

Well, here’s a step-by-step guide that can help to kick-start your SEO campaign.

This guide is a comprehensive SEO checklist that consists of 75+ techniques that can help you to optimize your site, thereby improving your ranking on SERPs and increasing your click-through-rate. Additionally, this SEO guide comes with a really impressive and informative infographic, which you can download for free.

So check out this blog and learn all about the best SEO strategies that you can implement on your site, to improve your site’s search engine ranking!

Killer SEO Checklist [Infographic] by the team at Capsicum Mediaworks, LLP
Killer SEO Checklist

Look at the Online Lead Generation Ecosystem (Infographic)

A lead generation campaign is like a car engine, where if all of the components are working together effectively, you should have positive sales and leads results. However, if one part isn’t properly functioning, that one part — no matter how small it is — can cause your campaign to break down.

That’s why we at Straight North, a Baltimore SEO company, created the “Internet Marketing Lead Generation Ecosystem” infographic to show beginner, intermediate and advanced marketers how to leverage multiple online marketing channels to maximize sales and leads in one Internet marketing campaign. The infographic works as a blueprint to help:

  • See how using various Internet marketing outlets can develop an effective campaign.

  • Locate issues in your lead generation campaign that can be costing you leads.

  • Discover new alternatives to improve your current lead generation campaign.


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