Yahoo Hacked, 450,000 Passwords Compromised

A hacker group has broken into one of the servers of the popular Internet company Yahoo and downloaded login credentials of more than 450,000 users. The hacked data was posted online on Wednesday.

The hacker group which calls itself D33DS Company, hacked into an unidentified subdomain of Yahoo’s website, where they obtained unencrypted account details. The hackers said that they have used a “union-based SQL injection” technique to penetrate the subdomain of Yahoo.

Yahoo Hacked

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Google Leads April 2012 U.S. Search Engine Ranking

comScore, a global leader in measuring the digital marketing landscape, has recently released its qSearch report of the U.S. search market in April 2012. Google sites topped the U.S. search engine ranking list in the explicit core search market.

comScore releases qSearch data every month to help users analyze the impact of contextual searches on the search marketplace. comScore defines “Explicit Core Search” as “user engagement with a search service with the intent to retrieve search results.”

According to comScore’s report, Google sites top the U.S. explicit core search market in April 2012 with a 66.5% market share, which is 0.1% up from March 2012. Microsoft sites came in second with 15.4% of the total market share whereas Yahoo sites grabbed the third spot with 13.5% of the share. Ask Network and AOL, Inc. accounted for 3% and 1.6% respectively of the explicit core searches made.
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It’s All About Optimizing Web Page Speed

Google has already implemented web site page speed as one of their ranking signal.
Let Assume that You are visiting a site through search engine result page. First result site taking 15 seconds to load. Second result site taking 2 seconds to load. Which one would you prefer? Obliviously you will choose the site which is fast loading. I remember an old quote “slow, steady & Win the Race”, in the modern days if you are slow nobody will consider you. Don’t lose any visitor for a lame reason
There is no need to worry even if you don’t know technically, how to optimize the page speed. There are some tools which will give you more suggestion depending upon your site load time.
Two major Search engines Yahoo and Google, they are having their great tools. Let’s see it one by one

Yahoo’s Yslow
When it comes to analyzing the page speed, yahoo believes their own set of rules and regulation.They are calculating page speed with grades. Sounds good?
Yslow displays page statistics, components, and suggestion for optimizing the page speed.
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Keyword Tool – Check Keyword Trends with new Yahoo! Clues

Recently, Yahoo has introduced it’s new keyword research and comparison tool named Yahoo Clues. It provides you the deep insights of how people are using Yahoo search. Whenever you have entered the keywords to find trends, it will update you with the following features,

  • Searches Over Time
  • By Demographic
  • By Income
  • By Location
  • By Search Flow
  • And by Related Searches.

Let us see these features with an example here,

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Yahoo! Site Explorer Reports Less Number Of Links

For past four to five days, the number of backlinks have been drastically reduced, say around 40% of links are lost. Many suffers from same issue and they were discussed in some popular forums too.

On checking yahoo suggestion board, we came to know that the yahoo team is working with the Bing team over this sudden drop down of backlink count, to bring it all back to order. Read more

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