Top 5 Twitter Accounts to Follow for SEO Advice

Staying up to date with all the latest SEO practices, tricks, and tips is no small feat, but it’s also the only way to survive in SEO due to its constantly changing nature. While you could certainly spend all of your time reading lengthy articles and testing different techniques, sometimes the best tactic is to rely on other people who are ‘in the know’ to tell you what to do in as succinct a way as possible. Which is what makes Twitter such a gem – it’s full of information and it’s all done in 140 characters or less. So if you’re wondering who to follow on Twitter to stay up to speed with all SEO has to offer then look no further than these five accounts: Read more

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Ethical SEO: Black Hat SEO Tactics Made Grey

In general, black hat SEO methods are severely frowned upon in the business. Black hat tactics attempt to improve search engine rankings in a way that is not approved by the search engines themselves. In other words, it’s cheating the system. Search engine optimization techniques work to make a website more visible on all of the major search engine hubs. While there are several legitimate SEO methods used throughout the dot com world, there are also numerous strategies that are considered less than ethical. While these strategies in their blackest form are no doubt unethical, there are ways to use some of these tactics in a legitimate a useful manner. Read more

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How should Businesses deal with online negative comments

In this social era some businesses try to hide from social media which isn’t going to help the progress. The real answer lies in how you use the channel effectively to deal with your potentials.

Social media is a great marketing tool but what happens when there are some negative comments from your customers? Today it is very easy for your customers to leave feedback about the product or service on social and review websites

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Its Official: Google Uses Social Signals in its Search Algorithm

Each Search Engine has its own search algorithm to rank webpages, Google uses over 200 signals to rank pages in search results and Bing also uses an algorithm in ranking. But in recent days social networking sites like facebook and twitter had a great impact on real time search results and there arise an question “Do Google and Bing use social signals to rank pages?” Recently Danny Sullivan from Search engine land shared some answers regarding the social signals that both search engines are using Facebook and Twitter links in ranking signals. Read more

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