Things You Should Know To Avoid Post Panda Nightmare

After the recent Panda update, we hear or read in blogs that many websites have been affected and their ranking, traffic had been drastically decreased. Interestingly, in every discussion that deals with traffic decrease or ranking drop, the webmasters sounds too positive about their site. They claim their website is an authority one, irrespective of having low quality content and link profile.

Google Panda Algorithm

Rather than keep complaining on Google, its best time to analyze about your site and make changes, that will help overcome this Panda Obstacles! There are several things that you can do to make sure that your sites doesn’t get affected by Panda Update.

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Emerging Social Media Trends And Does Social Rank Really Help Improve Rankings?

Social Media is a rapidly evolving architecture of business. It is a new world of conversation, networking and influence. In this new era, businesses need to understand where and how to compete for the future and they need to find a place in online societies. Some of the businesses understood this importance and they earn a advantageous position in steering and shaping the impact of the brand than those businesses yet to evaluate the opportunities and advantages for socialized marketing. Let us see some of the emerging social media trends and predictions.

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Competitor Analysis for successful online marketing

Every business need to analyze their competitors to know about the strengths and weaknesses of their services. A competitor analysis is very consequential behavior to identify online marketing strategy and discover how competitors are performing so well. An effective SEO campaign starts with an evaluation of competitors. Checking out the search results for your most popular keywords we can identify our online competition and also we may use ontolo SERP dominator worksheet to finalize the competitors.
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8 Simple Reasons why your Business must have a Website

Well, the most important reason for a website for any small business owner to have a website is number of people use internet more often than the traditional directories / yellow pages to find listings of their desired category. Compared with Yellowpages and directories, internet makes it easy for them to get what they are looking for. If you wanted to list your business in Google Places, Yahoo maps, you need not have a website, except you must have a physical location. Getting into Local Search Engines alone doesn’t provide you the required visibility your business is aiming for! These days, people use the Web to find just about everything, even the Packers & Movers (That’s exactly where I found mine when I had my house shifted.) If you offer a professional service your clients /customer will expect to find you on the Web.

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Sizing Up Your Competition – An Essential Part Of SEO Campaign & Online Business

Sizing up the competition is most important step for any business to achieve competitive advantage in their market. Competitive analysis helps to identify the real competition, determine the competitive advantages and disadvantages and to develop a strategic planning process. If you are able to know what your competitor is doing, then you can readily adopt the missed out techniques and you can streamline your SEO campaign by finding better ways on how to rise up above your competitors. Here are some of the basic analysis to determine your competition.

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