Weighted Sort – Effective Sorting In Google Analytics

Google has been adding more options to their Analytics tool as of now. This time they introduced ‘Weighted Sort’ option to the bounce rate and also available in the other section like goal conversion rate, % new visits etc.. So far the bounce rate of 100% with only one visit has been sorted at the top when it has been sorted by clicking on the ‘Bounce Rate’ column. There is no use of tracking this data for any of your campaign and also you supposed to view the useful data by manually which are in the next set of pages. Now ‘Weighted Sort’ option shows the bounce rate by the number of visits and it seems bringing out of the real data in the first set of rows.

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Google Now Shows Definitions In SERP

As of now, Google has gone under many changes in their appearance and the search results. Following to the new look of Google, they are updating the definition for the verbal and adjective words in their search results. Normally we used to find definition using advanced search query operator like define:beautiful. Now Google search results started showing definition with the corresponding pronunciation for the verbal words on the very first snippet of the search results page and also it is displaying with the popular online dictionary websites like, and The Free Dictionary websites.

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Twitter Tools for Social Media Optimization

When it comes to Social Media Optimization, Twitter is one of the best social networking website to do social media campaign. Here are the best tools that allows you to do social media campaign successfully for your website and the following tools that helps in performing twitter analysis, keyword targeted information, building a group of network, management, sharing information, pictures, managing the twitter account, and in also improving your business.

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Google Search Results Update – Suggestion Box

Google is simply awesome in showing search suggestions, I would say it is best among all search engines. Though, they are having that service as better, Google like to make it as best. Here comes another update by Google on their search suggestions. Read more

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Tips To Convert Your Visitors Into Customers

Getting visitors alone to a website would not be a success of the SEO implementations. Only when your visitors convert into customers the process will be completed. Here are some tips that describes you to covert your visitors into customers. Read more

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