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Are you ready to take up the Upcoming Google Caffeine Challenge?

Google has announced that it’s planning for a new algorithm update called “Google Caffeine”. Promisingly Google had given the developer preview for the Google Caffeine and asked for the feedback as well. Google’s web spam head Matt Cutts already confirmed that Google Caffeine data canter is at least 50% live under

Depends on the test carried out in sandbox preview people / webmasters speculate on the following which they think would be added / implemented in Google Caffeine.

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6 Must-follow Rules in Social Media Promotion

Social Media Optimization is a wide spread techniques in SEM to drive huge traffic to a particular website. Any one involved in Search engine optimization / search engine marketing would surely be aware of social media promotion. The same method which will easily create a negative reputation for the user / website in online medium. Its always advisable to follow the golden rules that are applicable in social media promotion to avoid trapping into SMS (Social Media Spam)

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10 Funniest, Hilarious and Humorous Google Suggest Results

Google Suggest guesses what you’re typing and offers suggestions in real time. This is similar to Google’s “Did you mean? Google is known for its relevant search results. But sometime Big Brother Google does display some hilarious results and here come few from “Google Suggest”. I have show caused the terms that are more into the business we are in. You must have heard and seen many such Google Suggest listing and watch out this post for some funniest Google Suggest results related to Google, Other Search Engines and Social Media.

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Search Marketing Investment on a High

If you are engaged in Search Engine Marketing industry in any way, there is a good news for you once again. Every company is loosing business and and its high time for SEM agencies as per a new survey released in eMarketer. Business owners recognize the importance of keeping their business online and that too ahead of the competitor to win the close call.

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Hidden Values of Online Coupons

To grow your online business, you need to address your customer concern and provide them with the solution which can bring them with a curve in their face. The economy is obviously not in the best condition right now and every one is having a concern to count on. Every service provider / vendor would have a dream of converting every single visitor into customer. Even though, its not merely possible, we can achieve this with a planned strategy.
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