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4 Simple Ways to Retain your Existing Customers

Are you looking to get new customers to your business? Listen, I tell you a secret, If you are good enough in retaining your existing customers you can have your business move in the right path. I am not saying that you shouldn’t concentrate in new customers, everyone will look forward to increase their customer base so do I. But when you have returning customers that means you have a satisfied customers and you can maintain a strong and confirm buyers whom you can relay on.


1. Complementary Products

Offer your customers complimentary products that might trigger your business. Make sure the product you offer as a complimentary one have some usage with the main product your customer has bought.

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Local Keyword Research Tools – An Overview

Local SEO is becoming spot light in internet marketing industry. The trend towards Local search is growing steadily and within last couple of years we can witness more enhanced local search results from all major search engines including big brother Google. Google in particular has been embedding these “Maps” inside their search pages as part of their Universal Search results. This has opened new opportunities for local businesses and requires different techniques, from organic SEO, to get exposure there.

Keyword research for Local SEO again plays vital role in Local Search Engine Optimization. Earlier it was very difficult to finalize / brainstorm the keywords for specific regions as these keywords would relatively return no search volume compared with the root keywords. Google trends, which was introduced earlier does not show enough data I believe. The search for the keyword “Auto Repair NY” does not provide any significant data in Google trends. but when the same keyword is searched through Google insights search which we are going to explore today, will provide pretty impressive data.

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15+ Must Ask SEO Questions to your Clients

The better you understand the website and client’s objective on his / her business it would be much easier for you to optimize / re-optimize the website and get the desired result out of it. The more information you gain from your client ahead of any SEO campaign will help structure the entire SEO campaign targeting the right keywords, right audience etc. I have listed 15+ “SEO Questionnaire” in the blog which will help any SEO person to kick start the campaign with proper information available.


SEO Questionnaire Checklist

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Social Media TOS

Do you run any social media campaign for your business? Are you a active participant in the social media platform? If the answer is yes, the below points would sound very familiar to you. But for those who look social media as a new way of hope for their business then I am sure these would help them a lot. Every business has their own TOS (Terms of Service) so as the social media campaigns have. The below mentioned social media TOS should be easy to understand and a must follow one.


  • Trust
  • Organize
  • Share

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Keyword Analysis – A Simple Way that really Works

Keyword analysis is a important part of any SEO campaign and we spend hours together to find the right keywords for the targeted pages. Keyword analysis should start during the initial phase of website architecture design and should be a continuous part of website campaign as it needs tweaks now and then. We may leave a keyword in #12 or #10 SERP position which could be a lead generating keyword. With our tweak and analysis we can make it rank in more close to top position which help us yield better result.

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