Guest Posting – The method to overcome Panda

The recent buzz around and between webmasters is Panda Algorithm. We all know that several websites has been affected and effected with the recent panda roll out. Every webmasters are taking several steps to overcome that, especially they are targeting on a content quality to do that. But still we have more questions when it comes to off-page, what link building/marketing strategy can we undergo to overcome panda. Obviously it’s content marketing. We can overcome panda with fresh and unique contents. So, no doubt in that, fresh and unique contents can be distributed via Guest Posting.

In this blog we can have a look at the importance of Guest Posting and how to fetch those.

What’s the advantage of guest posting? – using this method we can obtain both the relevant traffic and the quality contextual links. How it can overcome panda? – we know that panda is mainly marching against duplicate contents and low quality links, so with the help of guest post we can obtain the quality links from the fresh unique content.
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Keyword Tool – Check Keyword Trends with new Yahoo! Clues

Recently, Yahoo has introduced it’s new keyword research and comparison tool named Yahoo Clues. It provides you the deep insights of how people are using Yahoo search. Whenever you have entered the keywords to find trends, it will update you with the following features,

  • Searches Over Time
  • By Demographic
  • By Income
  • By Location
  • By Search Flow
  • And by Related Searches.

Let us see these features with an example here,

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Sites to Promote Your Videos

It’s always better to display your product, service or something else as a video stream rather than a text description. Best video description effectively reaches your target audience. Nowadays online video sharing and promotions plays a vital role in Internet Marketing. The best thing is that you don’t need to invest much in these strategies. All you want to do is to create an effective video that must describe your product or service well than any other.

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Facebook Apps that Enrich Your Fan Page

Do you think of extending your online business through social media marketing? then it should be done effectively with Facebook fan page. Up to date there are currently, more than three million active fan pages are in Facebook. But not all fan pages get succeed. The page which drives more fans (Likers) to its account are the one that makes count. Its all about how you dress up your fan page to satisfy your fans. Your page should display all your business or product details. But how effectively you display and promote your product page is vital thing here.

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URL Canonicalization and Redirection Codes

Does your site has different page extensions, then your site may suffer from internal duplication that arises from canonical issues. First of all what is URL canonicalization? according to Wikipedia

“URL normalization (or URL canonicalization) is the process by which URLs are modified and standardized in a consistent manner. The goal of the normalization process is to transform a URL into a normalized or canonical URL so it is possible to determine if two syntactically different URLs are equivalent.”

In this blog we can see about the disadvantages of canonical URL’s and how to normalize it.

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