Connect Your Content To Facebook

Customizing your Facebook fan page is so easy using the FBML tags. FBML tags are available for various Facebook functionality. Its also possible to connect your website content with users facebook profiles using various Facebook buttons, widgets etc., Lets have a glance on a few Facebook functionality that can be customized to connect your website content and facebook.
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What Not To Do in Social Media

Things have changed a lot after the usage of social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Friendfeed, Google Buzz etc., Both users and business men make this platform to gain exposure online. Businesses use social media as the best marketing tool to gain reputation and promote their services. But it can easily backfire on you and your business and cause a lot of trouble if you are not careful. Here I discuss a few points that should not be done while using social media websites.


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Bing Updates – 2009

Bing as a search engine from Microsoft to withstand against Google and Yahoo in the war have undergone some major updates in 2009. Some distinguished updates are:

Facebook and Bing Update Relationship:

Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, will provide Facebook users with a more detailed search experience. Facebook users will now have full access to several features that are available on Bing, instead of just a few links as they previously had. (ie) Facebook users will get better search results with the help of new tools available to them. When an user search for any keyword in facebook it shows the result for web pages through

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Drastic Changes in Google Search Engine – 2009

Google as the major search engine to maintain its competency have undergone many updates where few important updates have been listed here.

Google Launches Real Time Search Results to tackle microsoft’s Bing
So finally,Google has launched the Real Time search, as the company has announced. We can get the real time search hapenning just within our search results. Google has enhanced its search features to make microsoft Bing’s search engine head on. It has announced the launch of real-time search that will include real time data updates from sites like Facebook, Twitter, FriendFeed, MySpace, Jaiku, TwitAmy, among others. The company is also looking forward to add more content from various sites.

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10 Craigslist Tips for Power Users is the leader in the field of online free classified advertising. Craigslist is within top 50 in Alexa ranking. Due to it’s enormous popularity, the site is number one target of the spammers. Craigslist is upgrading it’s system continuously to fight against the spammers. Now it is harder to post the same ad on different locations or multiple times in a particular location. Read more

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