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How Visual Content Drives Social Media Growth

The infographic by Dot Com Infoway describes how and why visual content enjoys primacy in social media while explaining the various possible ways of integrating visual content in a brand’s online strategy.

The human brain is hardwired to process visual content faster and remember it better than text or audio. For that reason, you should make use of powerful visual content that’s engaging, well-organized, and easy to share on social media to enhance your content marketing efforts.

Visual Content By The Numbers:

Large images and engaging video can increase sales and conversions by up to 46%. That means you should make use of visual content hosting sites like Youtube and Instagram.

People remember 80% of the visual content their brain processes, and that processing happens up to 600,000 times faster than when they read text. You can enhance this effect with content like memes that makes your audience laugh while getting your message across.

Tweets and Facebook posts with images can increase clicks by up to 18% and engagement up to 180%. They also travel much farther, with 87% of the most shared Facebook posts containing visual content and a 150% increase in the retweet rate of tweets with visual content.

Pinterest and Slideshare can drive up your organic content and SE0 efforts. Posts to Pinterest and Slideshare are usually relevant backlinks and this is also a popular way for an audience to share content they find interesting.

If you’re doing a lot of content marketing, you don’t want to waste your time or annoy your audience with poor content. That means you should make the extra investment to make your visual content engaging and easy to share on social media sites.

Dot Com Infoway Visual Infographics

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