Google’s Knowledge Graph – The Future of Search

Google has taken an advanced step in its search history. It is currently working on a new knowledge graph technology which is claimed to be the future of search.

Google usually returns the search result for any query based on the text and the content. To put it right, it does not understand the exact meaning of the words. It matches the keywords of the query with those of the sites and returns pages that have a significant authority on those words. It may also use ranking signals and word grouping to return appropriate results. But the truth is it cannot go beyond the level of content searching.

Google’s Senior Vice President Amit Singhal outlined that Google has started taking the search beyond mere words into the world of entities, attributes and the relationship between those entities, that is, context searching.
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Google Shows Fewer Than 10 Results For Some Searches

It is surprising to see that Google lists fewer than 10 results for certain searches, which may possibly be a weird bug or a feature. This was one of the hot topics discussed in WebmasterWorld. It is unclear whether Google is testing with displaying other interested items on its result page.

When a search is made for BBC Football in Google UK, Google returns one web page result from It is then followed by a video result from BBC and a news result from BBC. All the results are from
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