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How should Businesses deal with online negative comments

In this social era some businesses try to hide from social media which isn’t going to help the progress. The real answer lies in how you use the channel effectively to deal with your potentials. Social media is a great

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7 Social Shopping Sites that worth your time

By using these social shopping sites, we can buy any products through online also find the quality of the products from their reviews. With the help of these online shopping sites users can create their own wish list and receives

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Instant Feature on Product Search – Google’s Latest Update

Google recently announced that they have added Instant Search on Google product which has been seen in the web search results. When you are search for particular products in google.com, it enrich results with the price details for that particular

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Emerging Social Media Trends And Does Social Rank Really Help Improve Rankings?

Social Media is a rapidly evolving architecture of business. It is a new world of conversation, networking and influence. In this new era, businesses need to understand where and how to compete for the future and they need to find

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Google helps you market your Business globally

Google has recently Introduced a new tool to grow your business globally by launching a new website named as Google Ads for Global Advertisers, This website will give you the complete idea and tips to expand your business in foreign

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