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Ethical SEO: Black Hat SEO Tactics Made Grey

In general, black hat SEO methods are severely frowned upon in the business. Black hat tactics attempt to improve search engine rankings in a way that is not approved by the search engines themselves. In other words, it’s cheating the system. Search engine optimization techniques work to make a website more visible on all of the major search engine hubs. While there are several legitimate SEO methods used throughout the dot com world, there are also numerous strategies that are considered less than ethical. While these strategies in their blackest form are no doubt unethical, there are ways to use some of these tactics in a legitimate a useful manner.

Brand Grabbing

Black hat SEO specialists use the popularity of a brand name to boost their own web traffic counts. While this method in and of itself isn’t necessarily unethical, the way that it is done is essential. Write a bad review about a brand that has disappointed you or that you disagree with at some level. Of course, you want this to be a brand that is well known and easily searchable online. I, of course, am not suggesting that you should slander a company. Only write a negative review if you have legitimate concerns and issues with the company, product, or service. Make the article catching enough to attract readers and then allow visitors to share their concerns about that brand within your site.

Rogue Bots

A huge part of successful SEO tactics involves getting links to your sites in as many places as possible. One strategy for doing this is doing the good Samaritan act. Search through websites and try to find any broken links they might have. Once you find the broken links, contact the webmaster directly and tell them about the mistake. Some webmasters may be so appreciative of your help that they will offer to put a link back to your site.

Deceptive Headlines

This marketing technique dates back to the days of print news and tabloids. Alluring headlines that mislead readers are no doubt unethical, but also work. So, how can you do use this method in SEO, but still uphold strong business ideals? There are ethical cases of deceptive headlines in the world of satire and humor. Little plays with words or joking catches that will make people look at your headline more immediately are worth trying. Don’t deceive your readers, but don’t be afraid to play with things some.

Twitter Automation

There is nothing more obnoxious than being bombarded with Tweets from a machine. However, just because automated Tweets are common practice (and annoying) does not mean that it is always unethical. Use an automated system to schedule tweets and repeat tweets, just don’t go overboard. Twitter automation isn’t frowned upon by as long as a real person is behind the Twitter doing manual tweets as well. So, use an automated system to tweet RSS feed from your site or other blogs, but make sure to also Tweet other things yourself.


This guest post is contributed byLauren Bailey, who regularly writes for Best Online Colleges.She welcomes your comments at her email Id:blauren99 @gmail.com.

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2 comments on “Ethical SEO: Black Hat SEO Tactics Made Grey
  1. kelvin says:

    Use of unethical activities like hidden text, cloaking, duplicate content, fake links can definitely harm your website rankings at search engines. so it is better to use ethical techniques for seo to get better rankings.
    Many website owners want more and more exposure to their site and more revenue from their business
    with a minimum effort and doing this they can get problems in promoting their site…….

  2. Teodor says:

    For me there is no such think like grey seo hat. ?here is only black and white hat. At present we have to stick to white hat if we do not want to lose everything we have achieved with our sites. All the links that ypu receive must be all natural, from natural and relevant comments like this, with idea and meaningful, not with spam. Google does not like the seo specialists. SEO is now acting game and the best players will reach the first positions.

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