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Popular Google Chrome Extensions for SEO

Extensions are small software program that used for web browser for the easy functionality about web page. Nowadays Google Chrome Extensions users are increasing. Here are the top chrome extensions and its uses.

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Google Now Shows Four snippets from a Same Domain

Google has recently made a change in listing out more search results from a same domain. This change has been made only for certain type of queries. i.e this can occur only when the search engine believes that the pages

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Customer Analysis for Your Online Business

The customer analysis process allows you to enlarge your online business and enhance branding of your company and products. Strategic customer analysis helps you to understand customer interest and business needs.Customer analysis is carried out your businesses to the next

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Synchronizing in facebook using MySpace

MySpace has announced its users that they can log on to the facebook page from the MySpace home page. From this option, it is possible to import all likes as well as interests in facebook from MySpace. This will suits

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Guest Blogging – The Tips

Blogs: Today, All of us have a personal blog. Generally blogs are usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events and others to share their thoughts among their friends. Guest Blogging: Guest blogging is the

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