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Its Official: Google Uses Social Signals in its Search Algorithm

Each Search Engine has its own search algorithm to rank webpages, Google uses over 200 signals to rank pages in search results and Bing also uses an algorithm in ranking. But in recent days social networking sites like facebook and

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Google’s Latest Update: Added “Reading Level” in Advanced Search

Recently, Google has introduced new feature called “Reading Level” in it’s advanced search option. This feature will help the users to find content based on your reading level.

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Keyword Tool – Check Keyword Trends with new Yahoo! Clues

Recently, Yahoo has introduced it’s new keyword research and comparison tool named Yahoo Clues. It provides you the deep insights of how people are using Yahoo search. Whenever you have entered the keywords to find trends, it will update you

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Business Blogging – 6 Reasons why you should be having one

The world is virtual now. No one can deny the fact that the commercial blogs are the effective communication tool in the internet arena. At the same way in business world too, blogs are now in-expensive and a highly effective

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Advantages Of Using Wiki Page

All website owners wants to improve their rankings in SERP for their targeted keywords and they also follow various types of link building tactics. The best tactics one among them is “Wiki Page” creation, this improves your ranking, increases the

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