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Twitter Apps For Fun

The Twitter is used as a short messaging system in the initial days, now undergone many changes today. It has become one of the vital thing in each and every platforms like Business, Marketing, Customer Service and many more. Twitter holds something for each and every one.

There are many people, mostly focus on the best ways to use Twitter for business but some of them expect Twitter to make fun too.

Here are the 10 fun apps for Twitter,

Secret Tweet:
This app can be used to tweet your secrets for Twitter to comment.

Twitter Tuscle:
This app is a cartoon site, which helps you to find out the most popular topics on Twitter.

It is a great health care app. It helps you to send queries about health care and options related to health care and receive responses.

This app collects tweets about the movies. It also reviews about the movies whether it is good or bad.

Bolly Tweet:
Do you like Bollywood movies? You have an iPhone? Then Bollytweet helps you to connect and chat with your favourite Bollywood stars.

Twitter for Busy People:
Do you like to know what your Twitter friends upto? Then this apps helps you to collect their images into many categories like Last Hour, Last Day, More Than a Day which makes you to know the latest updates.

Cheap Tweet:
This app helps you to collect about all the best retail offers which are tweeted and allows to vote for the best one, so that you can save the most important.

Like to send a gift to your Twitter friend? Select a gift and send a tweet to them.

This app helps you to gather tweets about Love, Hate, Think, Believe,Feel,Wish and provides tweets about that topic.

It takes care about educational tweets and helps to build online classes.

These twitter apps helps you to add fun in tweeting. Hope you all enjoyed with the new apps of Twitter for fun. You can share your experiences on the fun apps of twitter in the comments section.

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