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5 Must known Twitter Tools for finding Local Tweeps

Twitter is a networking and socializing tool it allows people to connect with other people and in twitter local tools you can find out how many followers and tweepls are there from any city and you can meet twitter users from any specific city using twitter local tools and you can also find current event organized in twitter at in any region using twitter local tools. Some of the twitter local tools are, Twitter Local, Geofollow,Chirpcity, Tweetmondo and Twibs.

Twitter Local

Twitter Local allows you to watch the location based twitter feeds and it is a desktop tool that allow the twitter stream based on specific radius around a particular location.


Geofollow it is a location based tools it has thousands of user listed by location and tags you can add yourself by sending @geofollow yourcity, yourstate etc it is a largest location based twitter tool on the Internet.


In chirpcity you can find latest tweets about and from your city and you can find top users list from your city.


Tweetmondo tool is used to share your location and in real time you can meet the people nearby your location.


In Twibs the search features allows to search by city and state and the site will not provide a do follow and bio link .

When you have the followers / following tweeps more from your nearby location I am sure you are bound to have the better tweeting experience with more localized tweets. You can share more on local news, events etc. Do you use any other than the mentioned tools here, I am sure that there are plenty going to be, please spend a minute to share via comments.

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