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Two Major Google Failures in 2009 – Google Wave | Google Buzz

In recent years Google has been busy in introducing more experiments and updates. Some come out well with better results satisfying the users. And it is common for all to get unexpected results. After all, Google is doing a business and its common for any business man to get failure. In last year, Google has created expectation in many for one product – this is Google wave and another came surprisingly i.e., Google Buzz. But both products got big failure.

Google Wave

Google Wave is introduced as an alternative to e-mail, instant messaging and file-sharing site and combines the best of each in one place. Google steadily and slowly added more features in wave, but it fails to meet users expectation. What are the reason for it?

  • All communications are from wave user to wave user and hence we can’t send standard mail.
  • All your waves are smashed into one inbox. There’s no way to distinguish what’s a personal wave from others.
  • Its highly suitable to professionals. And many non-technical users had a feeling “Got an invitation. what to do next?”
  • Confidential information cannot be shared as everyone can access it. And once if we invite someone to wave, no other way to let him out.
  • Chatting is very unreliable. It’s fast one moment and then slow and then very slow and back again. It lacks stability.
  • We don’t get any notifications in waves that we intend to follow in mail or other that results in missing any important content.
  • Real time chats with more number of people at a time – very irritating and noisy.
  • Google wave is more suitable for those who lives with Internet connection. Its a great way to share things but you can’t expect yout professional friend to be in online always.

Google Buzz

Google tired at the growth of Facebook and Twitter. And might be thinking of an alternative to control their growth and came up with Google Buzz. Google buzz got failed for these reasons.,

  • Its just the combination of Twitter & Facebook and not interesting anymore. It almost a copy of those and Google forget to add new things in it.
  • Since it is integrated with twitter, 90% of content is from twitter and it lacks its own content.
  • For each and every buzz we got a mail and its sure its going to be spamming your inbox.
  • A user may not be able to find his other friends or buzz until you know their profile link
  • Its really irritating to have that service with G-mail. It may be attractive if Google introduced like Google Wave as a separate service.

Google is famous for its user-friendliness, be it the search or features like gmail. Google Wave and Google Buzz failed, but I am sure it will come up with changes in those two. It not going to stop Google’s experiments. Hope for the best from Google in the future.

Disclaimer: The post is completely based on individual thoughts and SEO Services Group bears no responsibilities for the thoughts reflected in the post.

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2 comments on “Two Major Google Failures in 2009 – Google Wave | Google Buzz
  1. Senthil Ramesh says:

    Let me tell you Jeya, I can say Wave is 50 p.c success but buzz is 0 p.c or even negative. No one has known it is coming. Google wave has created lot of waves around people and considered to be a major milestone.

    Still google can improvise it but Buzz. Whats the need of it, when the Giant Twitter is there and with more simpler interfaces.

  2. vladimir says:

    Interesting points.
    I am almost agree about buzz.
    About google wave. Do you know that about 300k people used the wave until last days.
    We make little questionare with google wave users and summarize it in this article http://blog.rizzoma.com/2012/01/15/google-wave-ne

    I soppose that google change the target audience from consumers market to enterprise it could help.

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