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Google SERP Update – Virtual Keyboard

Now, Google allows you to search anything easily with the help of their new virtual keyboard. Literally, Google asking you to keep away from your keyboard. This virtual keyboard almost resembles the Google virtual keyboard API which was launched in mid 2009. This feature is now alive in Google Poland, Google Russia and Google Israel.

Virtual Keyboard in Google SERP

Some of features of this new virtual keyboard,

  • The virtual keyboard will float to any part in the SERP screen based on your scrolling
  • It also allows you to enter special characters in the search query
  • Now, it available only in some languages, hopefully for your mother tongue in upcoming days
  • The floating keyboard will reach the top of the SERP once you enter something using this special keyboard, this movement will make the searching as easy for you

The screen shot below shows the characters in virtual keyboard.,

Characters in Google Virtual Keyboard

If you want to know more about Google virtual keyboard feature, visit this help page.

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