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Google Rolls Out New Feature For Similar Pages Search

Its quite difficult task to all to retain the position that they are having. If they are in high position, they tempt to do some changes, introducing fresh things and lots of experiments. Google, the search engine giants still has

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Two Major Google Failures in 2009 – Google Wave | Google Buzz

In recent years Google has been busy in introducing more experiments and updates. Some come out well with better results satisfying the users. And it is common for all to get unexpected results. After all, Google is doing a business

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Niche Social Bookmarking and its Importance

Social Bookmarking: Social Bookmarking is the simple way to share our favorites with the on-line community. Everyday we came across many websites and web pages. Among them we may like some of the pages and we bookmark them for our

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Google SERP Update – Virtual Keyboard

Now, Google allows you to search anything easily with the help of their new virtual keyboard. Literally, Google asking you to keep away from your keyboard. This virtual keyboard almost resembles the Google virtual keyboard API which was launched in

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Make Your Domain Name Visible using Wikis

According to Wikipedia a single page in a wiki website is referred to as a wiki page. A wiki website allows you to create or modify any number of interlinked web pages and it allows creating a sub- domain too.

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