Google Adwords Rolled out New “Streamlined Analysis Tool” in Campaigns Tab

Google Adwords team is hardly working on campaign structure for advertisers to access the account with ease. Few months before, they’ve been introducing new ways to analyze and segment your campaign data and still they are working to introduce more data types which will be easy for advertisers to access these reporting controls. For the above purpose they have introduced a new analysis toolbar in the campaigns tab of Adwords account.

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Make Your Backlink worth by Creating a Simple lens on Squidoo

Creating a lens on Squidoo is one of the easiest way to promote your affiliate program and web site. What is squidoo? Squidoo is a community website that allows the user to create own pages of their interest. These pages are called lenses. The great advantage of Squidoo is that you don’t want to know HTML or some thing else to create a web page, you can create a web page with simple user friendly modules. And more importantly you can get an effective do follow link back to your site.

In this blog we are going to discuss about, how to create a simple cost free lens on squidoo and ways to promote it.

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Best of Yahoo’s Features Where Google has to Focus

We know that Yahoo is one among the oldest of all search engine . I never heard of anybody saying Google was not good in everything. Atleast you might have astonished any one feature of Google in your life. But, Yahoo is rocking in some area. I really want to check it out those feature it they are provided by Google. Read more

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App Marketing in the Social Age

App Marketing in the social age will help business to grow. When it comes to app marketing we cannot predict or specify the strategy to sell the product. There are plenty of iPhone apps are already exists in the category you are going to market. In order to outperform the competitors app, a marketer will be aware of the key points which delivers result. Here are some points an app marketer must consider before promoting the iPhone App.

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Effective Way To Get Links From Forums

Forum is the panel for discussing our thoughts or ideas and sharing knowledgeable information. People who uses discussion forums knew that they should use a signature to promote their site, and if you have placed your signature then it will help you in getting more backlinks and traffic form the forum website.
If you participate in more number of discussions, then more number of people will see to your signature and will click on the link to your website. Let me share some tips regarding forum signature. Read more

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