Google squared vs Wolfram Alpha – Which one beats other?

Google has launched out an experimental new search product called ”Google Squared.” Google squared fetches and organizes facts from across the Internet in an online spreadsheet. Wolfram Alpha is like an search engine that has its own database and provides answers to wide range of search query. Both search engine provides structured data but there are some differences. Let’s discuss about that. Read more

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Google Rolls out “Blogs” in Show Options

As of now, Google has gone under many changes in their appearance and the search results. Now Google introduced “BLOGS” search option in the left side navigation(“Show Options”). These kind of changes is very helpful to get more relevant search results. Read more

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What Everybody Ought to Know About ” Wolfram Alpha”?

Wolfram Alpha is an answer engine developed by Stephen Wolfram. It doesn’t simply returns a list of web pages related to the user’s query. Instead it computes the answers and display results in a computed mathematical way with relevant diagrams, graphs, and links to other related questions and sources. Clearly it doesn’t help the users by providing textual answers to their questions. It helps users to explore knowledge, data and relationships between things. Read more

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Blog Commenting – Do’s and Dont’s

Blog commenting is the most effective strategy for an immediate raise in the traffic & helps to get free one way links to your website (in case of dofollow). Comments in a blog is an excellent place where discussions over the post can be held and it is one of the best way to make your name recognizable by many other bloggers across the world. Let me share some tips regarding Blog commenting. Read more

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6 Must-follow Rules in Social Media Promotion

Social Media Optimization is a wide spread techniques in SEM to drive huge traffic to a particular website. Any one involved in Search engine optimization / search engine marketing would surely be aware of social media promotion. The same method which will easily create a negative reputation for the user / website in online medium. Its always advisable to follow the golden rules that are applicable in social media promotion to avoid trapping into SMS (Social Media Spam)

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