Linkwheel and it’s effect on SERP rankings

Linkwheel is a new emerging, effective link building strategy which will help increase SERP rankings and drive lot of traffic to our website. In a Linkwheel, a group of pages on web2.0 sites that talk about specific services or products which are linked to each other and also link to the main site which we intend to push up the rankings. This linking resembles a wheel where all these web 2.0 sites linked to each other as in a bicycle wheel and the main site or primary product page remains in the center focus and get spoke backlinks from these web 2.0 sites.

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Caffeine – Google’s Grand Future

On 10 August 2009, the Big Daddy – Google announced about their new next-generation search architecture, since then there is a huge amount of buzz on Google Caffeine, Sandbox and Caffeine update, which captured most of the bloggers and marketing experts space on the web. Now finally Google Web Spam Team Head, Matt Cutts, confirmed that Google Caffeine will roll out after the holidays:

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Google Search Results Update – Breadcrumb Navigation

Nowadays, Google has been introducing new updates in their search results often. This time they are updating “Breadcrumb Navigation” in their search results. Instead of the webpage URL, it displays the hierarchy URL. With this type of hierarchy URL users can be able to easily identify where the page is located on the website. Read more

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SEO – The World of Illusion!

As a SEO expert, can you predict the effort for your site regarding page rank, keyword rankings, keyword search volume after doing certain SEO process. As it is predicted its not be a accurate result. So there is some illusion and uncertainty in SEO. Let us see in this blog.
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AdMob acquisition – Why did Google make this move?

Leader in search engine business, single company which is holding 84.5% search engine market share, is all set for its 56th acquisition. Well this time it acquires AdMob for $750milllion., its a usual thing for Google to acquire leading innovations in any related industry. Unlike previous acquisition, this one is little different. Google is keen to dominate Mobile Advertising Network. Read more

Popularity: 12% [?]


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