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Top 8 reasons why your site drops rankings and gets delisted from SERP

The 8 reasons are to be avoided to the most for staying in SERP without being banned and delisted from search engines.

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Google Phases Out “Preferences” Rolls Out “Search Settings”

As of now Google search options has been going under some perpetual changes like Google adwords added sitelinks in the web search results and then in Google.co.uk changed their appearance without underlining link in the advance search, preferences, web, images,

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The Advantages of Using Long-tail Keywords

Keywords can be classified as long tail keywords and short tail keywords. The long tail keywords are a string of three or more words that make up a phrase. Using long tail keywords we can target less competitive niche markets

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Web Analytics – The Mastermind of Online Business

One would say web analytics is perhaps the mastermind of online business. It is really important to measure the performance of a site & behaviour of its visitors to make a successful online business. Site owners must identify the pros,

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SEO Top Secret Revealed !

You are an SEO. You do keyword analysis, coin apt keywords, alter meta tags, navigation, sitemaps, install analytics, submit to thousands of directories, bookmarks, indulge in forum promotions, blog promotions, exchange links and your SEO strategy goes on in its

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