Top 8 reasons why your site drops rankings and gets delisted from SERP

It often happens that you find your websites has dropped rankings suddenly and you are pondering over it, asking SEO consultants and web developers. The rankings for your website has dropped means that your site has been penalized by the search engine. In the worst case,chances are there that you are delisted from the SERP. That is,you are totally out of search engine index. There are many,who really rely on search engine rankings and get traffic through it to the most. If you are one among them, it makes your business go down and decreases customers loyalty. Here are the important reasons that you should have in your mind while doing SEO for your site and maintaining it. Read more

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Google Phases Out “Preferences” Rolls Out “Search Settings”

As of now Google search options has been going under some perpetual changes like Google adwords added sitelinks in the web search results and then in changed their appearance without underlining link in the advance search, preferences, web, images, news etc. Now moved the google preferences link to the new “Search Settings” in the top right corner. In the search settings link you can find the Google preferences option. Read more

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The Advantages of Using Long-tail Keywords

Keywords can be classified as long tail keywords and short tail keywords. The long tail keywords are a string of three or more words that make up a phrase. Using long tail keywords we can target less competitive niche markets rather than the hugely competitive short tail keywords. If one can’t compete with most popular phrases then should aim for little further down the longer keyword phrase. These long tail, short tail keywords are otherwise termed as Broad and Narrow keywords.
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Web Analytics – The Mastermind of Online Business

One would say web analytics is perhaps the mastermind of online business. It is really important to measure the performance of a site & behaviour of its visitors to make a successful online business. Site owners must identify the pros, the cons and the drifts that will make their site the next “must read” stop for visitors each day. The only way to effectively do this is to have a good statistics package working in the background. Read more

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SEO Top Secret Revealed !

You are an SEO. You do keyword analysis, coin apt keywords, alter meta tags, navigation, sitemaps, install analytics, submit to thousands of directories, bookmarks, indulge in forum promotions, blog promotions, exchange links and your SEO strategy goes on in its own phase. But most of them forget the top secret of SEO ! Whats that? Read more

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