How to Write Profitable Ad Title

The headline is the first thing a potential customer sees on your ad. You should immediately grab their attention and interest. Therefore, I have mentioned some important points that must be followed to achieve this.

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Social Media Marketing Strategies

Many businesses tend to reach the potential customers through promotional marketing campaigns. Social media marketing is one of the trendy way in the latest marketing campaign and an effective way to build links and generate more traffic too. The largest growth in the industry can be achieved by social media marketing.This helps in generating business leads and brand awareness for your business. When you bookmark your website in an authoritative / major bookmarking site there is more change of search engine crawlers crawling your site more easily thus increasing your website crawl frequency.

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Effective Link Building

Link building is an essential part of your SEO campaign and I admit it is time consuming and sometimes frustrating too. But getting quality and authoritative links hold the key to catapult your website to the first pages of the SERPs.

Successful link building campaigns will help you cross half the isle. For the other half, it is up to you. Tear your website apart and check your website for internal link structures, your content, your keyword relevancy, your other on-page SEO issues and hopefully these will lead you to increase your sites popularity and thereby its rankings.

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Google Rolls Out Snippets and Refined Related Terms

Today Google officially announced rolling out two new improvements in result page. The first is on refinement in related terms and the second is displaying longer description in the search snippet.

Refined Related Terms: Google claims to have introduced a new technology that can better understand the association related to your search query and generate more relevant and refined related terms in the result page.

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SEO – Myths and Realities

SEO – A myth or reality? There are plenty of SEO myths that exist. Out of those some are solved by the experts and many still remain as myths. Solving all of the SEO myths that exist is highly infeasible. Here are some popular SEO myths and realities that are quite obviously not yet true, but many people believe and rely on them. Read on to find out the truth.

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