7 Checklist for a Successful PPC Campaign

Adwords novices usually create few Adwords ads with enthusiasm, expecting quick returns. If this has not occurred within a few days or the ads have been deactivated by Google, then we give up disappointed.

In most cases only one or two things to be changed so that a campaign can become a complete success.

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Importance of SEO

The web is the huge resource of information and has brought the whole globe in a single room. People rely more on the internet for their needs like shopping, gathering news, learning new stuffs and a lot more. And it has excelled beyond the expectations. Search Engines give access to a high percentage of the internet and allow comprehensive searches. Search Engine Optimization is a single most powerful marketing tool that helps to bring online presence for your business and drive more leads, phone calls and sales which generate more revenue through search engines.
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Ideas to Improve Online Sales in Recession

Wherever you are, you cannot eliminate yourself hearing from fuel prices up, stock market crashes, job cut, layoff etc. And for sure all these effects would be felt by many businesses and could be by any of you reading this same blog post. With the help of some simple and innovative ideas business owners and marketers could win the recession.

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Is Google playing spoilsport with India SearchMaster 2009

Is it a coincidence that both the SearchCamp 2009 and Google’s SearchMaster 2009 fall on  Saturday,  28th February, 2009 or Is it just that Google is trying to overshadow the event ?

I was wondering about it for quiet a long time and just could not workout whether this is a mere coincidence or Is there anything suspicious about it ?

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Importance of Mobile SEO

If you are still thinking of developing your Mobile website then I would say “Better Late than Never”. The below graph will clearly explains the stats taken Neilson Research on Mobile Internet Users Penetration across 16 countries in Q1, 2008.

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