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How to reach targeted audience through Social media

The power of marketing is undeniable. For more than two centuries, this field of industry brought insurmountable advantages to many businesses. At the same time, with every new invention, starting with the radio, marketing got a new ally. In the last decades, with the rise of the Internet, it might have received its biggest ally to date. But it is not just the ability to reach people all over the globe at any time of day or night. In fact, the biggest change in this field actually came from the area of social networks.

Currently, more than 40% of all Internet users are active members of a social network. With them, for the first time in history, advertising can be targeted with an unprecedented focus and precision. This is why social media marketing can be declared a true game changer in this area. But, many businesses use it without knowing some basic information that can drive up the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns in a significant manner. Here are the essential ideas that can help any social media marketing campaign in finding a targeted and relevant audience.

Understanding the Audience

No targeting process can be successfully defined without an understanding of the audience that is being considered. But, at the same time, there are user groups that should be considered in practically any scenario because they are those who drive the social conversation. In a nutshell, a social conversation is the moment when a piece of information begins to be shared over a social network. Organic conversations, which are produced voluntarily by users, can bring incredible results for any company or brand. Here, the role of the social media marketing is to be the ignition switch, nothing more.

Once a group has been exposed to a campaign’s message, the idea is that they themselves will spread it further. Research has shown that users aged 18 to 34 are the fastest growing group on any social networks and because of this, the most likely to share information with other users. Older and younger age groups also share information, but every broad social media campaign should be primarily focused on those aged between 18 and 34. Of course, specialized campaigns, like those exclusively targeting seniors, are not subject to this rule.

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Using Video Content

While the content is often depicted as being the king, then video content is currently the emperor of social media promotion. Research after research has shown that video adverts are much more likely to be noticed but also harder for users to immediately label them as an advertisement and then ignore them. Because of these simple advantages, any social media marketing campaign that is relying on video content will have a much bigger chance of locking onto its targeted audience. With it, the chance of not resonating with a targeted user base is much lower, which is what makes videos integral to a social media campaign that need to produce an impact as soon as possible.

Having Doubt in Social Media Metrics

Many social networks have a simple task of convincing business that any social media marketing on their online resource will bring results. That is why they dazzle users with colorful and in-depth metrics about any campaign they being on a social network. While this feature might seem as if it offers huge amounts of valuable data, it has to be compared with outside results, like traffic rates to a third-party website (a website that is being promoted), number of new customers, higher sales or anything like this. This is the only true gauge of a success of any social network campaign. It is important to know how many people clicked on a social network ad, but it is much more important how many of those became customers to the business that financed the marketing campaign.

Endless Optimization

Finding the exact targeted audience is not an easy task and will not be successful right away in a big number of cases. But, this does not mean that it cannot become a success over time. With the ability to optimize any campaign, social media marketing offers access to streamlining tools that are very easy to use. Using feedback, any business can and should correct a marketing campaign endlessly until they find that perfect target.

Using these tips and advice for social media marketing, any organization can begin to employ it to a great effect. With it, not only can a targeted audience be reached in an affordable and straightforward manner, but a much more relevant base of users can be created through the same process. This makes any marketing campaign that uses social media something truly indispensable for any business in the world.

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Basic steps for a quick seo audit to your website

Thanks to the nature of the Internet, SEO procedures evolve constantly. Any website, no matter how well optimized, left on its own will sooner or later become obsolete. This is why many businesses and other organizations regularly perform a process known as a website audit. This is a term for a sequence of procedures which are designed to determine if a website is still adequately optimized, or do adjustments need to be made before it slumps in the search results. Website audit, also known as an SEO audit, is thus exceedingly useful for any website and should be performed at least once every six months. Here are the key elements of any SEO audit process.

Identifying Broken or Dead Webpages

Outbound links and even internal links that lead to non-existent or dead webpages are known to cause problems to any search results position. Because Google and other search engines notice this, every website should go through any needed effort to delete dead links. Fortunately, things like CMS, WordPress and other platforms offer a way of installing plugins that send notifications when any broken link is found. Alternatively, BrokenLinkCheck.com is a free service that offers the possibility of locating the same links.

seo audit

Tag Optimization

On-site modifications and changes are the quickest way of improving a website. By using an SEO audit, any website owner or operator must take a good, honest look at their webpages and tags that are used. Then, they should decided are their tags stuffed with keywords, do they contain truthful and relevant keywords, are the title tags shorter than 65 characters, are the meta tags formed in an interesting and appealing way, are the image optimized for a SEO standard and most importantly, does the website offer content rich in both quality and originality? This way, any shortcomings in the area of tag optimization can be pinpointed and corrected.

Speed Testing

SEO audit is the perfect time to test the deployment speed of any website. While sometimes deployment can vary on many things like the state of servers and traffic levels, no website has the luxury of being slow. Page Insight tools by Google are ideal for this purpose and will provide accurate and relevant deployment data. The same service will also offer tips how any issue can be mended and resolved. Not caring about the speed of a website is a sure way to degrade its search results position.

The Profile of Inbound Links

One of the most important factors for any website audit process is the examination of backlinks or inbound links that connect to the same online resource. Backlinks are the bread and butter to any SEO determination process and are immeasurably valued by the search engines as a proof of a website’s popularity and audience reach. But, not all links are useful. In fact, any links that might seem like they are coming from a link farm or any similar blackhat SEO (which should not be voluntarily practiced in any circumstance) resources will be shunned by the search engines. That is why all links coming from social media, for example, are very good for a website while links from websites with a bad reputation will mean nothing to your search rank position. While no website can decide who links to them and who does not, the knowledge of the source of inbound links is one of the essential things that an SEO audit can produce.

With these key points, anyone can produce their own website audit in a very simple and affordable manner. If this process becomes a part of the regular website maintenance routine, it can do much to make sure that the same website remains highly optimized for all search engines.

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5 mistakes Small Businesses make when first using social media

It’ s no secret that social media is the new hype – and social media marketing is not only growing in numbers – but in success rates too. With half the population now tuning up to their lives, friends and family using a variety of social networking sites – it’s not like any of this is a surprise either. After all, it’s a great way to target your customers and users, where you know they’re going to be (day in day out). Read more

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Effective Social Media Optimization

Social media gains momentum each day with the introduction of new features that the online community can make use of. These features integrated in social media touch on the social life as well as the business mind. There is one component of search engine optimization that is important. This is social media optimization: a very common term in the electronic business today. It is a service offered by search engine experts who aim at the number of users in the online community frequenting social websites. Reaching out to these people would mean popularizing a website among them creating an increased traffic.

Social media optimization is a sophisticated way of marketing websites among the social media present online. Since most of these social media websites are user driven; it becomes easier to spread word about a certain website among them. It is within this category that users are able to bookmark what they find interesting. Social bookmarking is viral because of its influence in this large social community. Favorite websites and WebPages can be bookmarked by users, and due to the publicity nature of this method more users can access the bookmarked websites and pages for their own personal gain online.

Social Media Lovers

This is a very effective way of marketing websites online and among the social media lovers. These social media participants might be interested in what is being marketed to them hence increasing traffic to these websites. The user ranking and comments made possible for a website through Social Media Optimization will enable the owners evaluate their impact. All that users say about the content of each website matters to the designers as well as those behind the websites. Search engine optimization is all about increasing the number of people visiting a website and this is one way of doing this.

Social media optimization not only helps increase web traffic to a given website but also improves the ranking of the website. The inbound linking and creation of a buzz among the social media gives websites an idea of what the users want. This will lead to quality control, which will influence the business positively because of the increased sale of the products and services availed by the website. The social community is good at presenting votes on different features. What they do not like would be voted out, and what they like would be voted unanimously creating a good image.

Quality and useful content in a website can be created through implementation of social media optimization. With an idea of what the users want it would be easy to improve or remove what already exists and introduce what is requested for. This service will allow others to bookmark your website easily through the bookmarking symbols present in all the pages of the website. Bookmarked content is easy to share in social media creating more awareness of the website and its content. Online business success comes from ingenuity and innovation and this process marks the beginning of the road to success.

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How to Remove Online Search Results from Google

One of the myths of Internet is that, search results are permanent and cannot be deleted. In reality, online reputation management companies know that internet search results can and do change frequently. What is on page one of Google today, can appear on page three tomorrow. And conversely, what is on page three of Google today, can appear on page one tomorrow.

Websites go out of business (or fail to pay their registration fees) and the domain is taken down. Pages are deleted by site owners and webmasters. Social media profiles on popular sites like Facebook can be easily deindexed or hidden from view by people searching for you online, by applying basic privacy settings. But did you know that, you can remove pages from the Internet? Yes, it’s true.
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